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Deck Guardian is a Hopewell deck builder that puts the satisfaction of our clients at the center of our work. We know that each home is unique. Each one has a different architecture, is made with different materials, and is presented in an exclusive way to accurately represent the homeowner. Our goal is to help you find and build the perfect deck for your home as quickly and as conveniently as possible. And hiring a top deck builder near Hopewell like Deck Guardian is the best way to do so.

That’s because Deck Guardian offers a complete deck design and installation service. This is also inclusive of obtaining any needed building permit and licenses. With us, you never have to worry about the mundane and troublesome aspects of deck-building.

If our services have gained your attention, then stick around to know what exactly can Deck Guardian do for you.

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Looking for a Hopewell Deck Building Company?

Whether you want a deck to expand the area of your home or to increase its value, having a trusted and experienced Hopewell deck contractor is an invaluable asset to have. They have the skill and resources needed to successfully build and install a deck in your home. That said, it can be difficult to verify and pin down a deck builder near Hopewell that has the skills and results to back up their claims.

The Deck Guardian team is composed of certified and well-trained individuals. We are fully capable and fully equipped to handle even the most complicated of demands when it comes to deck-building. We know the best way to design a deck that combines both structural integrity and the client’s tastes.

Deck Guardian is the best Hopewell deck builder to have when it comes to any deck-related projects.

Why use our Hopewell Decking Services?

We know that every home is different. As such, it’s natural to assume that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all deck. Unlike any other Hopewell deck contractor, we never insist on building a generic deck for your home – especially if you’re more interested in installing a fully customized deck instead.

That’s why Deck Guardian firmly believes in the notion that our decks should be built for you. We thoroughly design our decks to be able to fit seamlessly into your home. We want you to be able to step onto your deck and feel completely at ease on it. That’s because Deck Guardian doesn’t just build decks, we build you a higher quality of life.

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Deck Guardian

What Type of Decks can Deck Guardian build in Hopewell?

Deck Guardian can build a variety of deck types for our clients. Our decks range from complicated but elegant multi-tier decks to humble but reliable attached decks. We take pride in being able to offer our clients plenty of options to choose from.

Deck Guardian stays ahead as the top Hopewell deck contractor by having the ability to customize these deck types in any way that you desire. We do our best to design a deck that accurately represents the outcome that you want for your custom deck.

  1. Attached Deck

    Attached decks are what come at the forefront of people’s minds when they imagine a deck. It is attached to one wall of the house – typically the wall with the door facing the backyard. The deck is elevated a few feet off the ground with a stairway to provide access to the yard.

    The relatively straightforward design can be built quicker than other deck types. It also doesn’t require a lot of materials and resources, making it the perfect option for homeowners on a budget.

  2. Multi-Tier Deck

    Multi-tier decks are multiple platforms that are layered together at varying intervals. The platforms can be directly placed on top of each other or slightly apart to create the illusion of different levels. Stairs and other similar passages are used to access the platforms.

    The complicated design requires more support and other substructures than most decks.

  3. Wraparound Deck

    Wraparound decks are akin to attacked decks only it is attached to more than one wall. It typically goes around two sides of the house, which can be extended depending on the stability of the house and the available space. It extends the floor space of the house by extending it toward the outside.

    The lengthy design of this deck may mean that it cannot be placed on houses that are not durable enough to withstand the additional weight.

  4. Detached Deck

    Detached decks are called as such since they are not required to be attached to the house or any other structures. It can be placed anywhere within the property area and requires minimal support.

    The standalone design requires the usage of more durable material to make sure that it does not easily deteriorate due to exposure to water and other similar elements.

  5. Pool Deck

    Pool decks are built either at ground level or elevated off the ground, depending on the height of the preexisting pool. That’s because the ideal design of pool decks is to be accessible as much as possible to swimmers.

Deck, Deck Resurfacing, Porches – near you in Hopewell

Whether you’re a homeowner that’s undertaking your first deck installation project or an experienced one looking to further improve your deck, a knowledgeable Hopewell deck builder will help make those endeavors easier to achieve.

Deck Guardian is a deck builder near Hopewell who extends our assistance and services to you. We understand the fine details and process of deck-building. From deck installation to deck repair, you can rely on us to provide you with all the deck-related services that you need.

Our Hopewell deck company offers composite deck resurfacing for those looking into possible deck repair and deck restoration alternatives. The innovations made in the manufacturing of composite material have made it the most ideal choice for those that want a durable deck without the need for frequent maintenance. Furthermore, it will never be susceptible to any sort of rot, decay, or infestation. Meaning you never have to worry about your deck falling victim to constant rain and problematic insects.

Deck Guardian’s porch design and installation services are also held to the same strict standards as our decks. We make sure that your porch is constructed with the same amount of care and efficiency. The porches we produce can stand the test of time against constant usage and exposure to the elements. Furthermore,

You have our word as a Hopewell deck company that we will do our best to deliver results on the agreed-upon schedule and minimize any possible delays encountered during the process.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian: Top Deck Builder and Contractor in Hopewell

Deck Guardian is a dedicated Hopewell deck company that wants to provide our clients with top-quality products. We will guide you through the entire process of building your custom deck. We diligently answer any inquiries you have and provide you with easy-to-grasp explanations for the more complicated matters.

You can get started with Deck Guardian by getting a free quote from us by filling out the free quotation form on our website. After that, feel free to call us and get in contact with our representative who will assist and advise you on your installation. Get a custom deck for your home by giving us a description of what you’re looking for.

You’re in safe hands when you choose Deck Guardian as your Hopewell deck builder.

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