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Looking for a Reliable Deck Builder in Hillsborough, NJ?

Are you a homeowner actively looking for a deck builder in Hillsborough? If you are one of those many people in the area wanting to find a deck builder to totally change the look of your backyard in order to allow you to receive guests during the warm season, please keep reading, because you will find important information below.

Choosing the right Deck Builder

First, there are many people appearing to be deck builders. Most of them, though, are only deck contractors offering installation services for generic decks found in a catalog they get from their providers. They receive the deck parts, then assemble them. For them, that is building decks. If you are looking for a generic standard option that might not blend with your house architecture or colors, that is okay.

But you better check what real deck builders can do for you before choosing the company that will transform your backyard.

Deck Services and Porch Remodeling Services in Hillsborough County

There are two major services you should get from a professional deck builder in Hillsborough: creation and remodeling (or resurfacing). The first one is obvious; it consists of creating a brand-new deck, porches or any other structure in your backyard to let you enjoy the beautiful days with friends and family members. These are deck builders offering all services, including custom design, construction, and installation of your new deck (or else).

Looking to renew your existing deck?

Another one of those professional services is to remodel or resurface your current deck. That basically means to replace the visible portion of your structure that needs to be refreshed. The old wood parts are replaced either with new wood pieces to preserve the warmth of the natural material or with composite decking materials to make it easier to maintain while having an impressive look.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian, a Prestige Deck Builder Serving Hillsborough

If you are looking for a reputable and trustful deck builder, with a solid background in customer satisfaction and an array of past projects, then this company is Deck Guardian.

We are proud to have transformed the backyard (and lives) of hundreds of customers throughout New Jersey, including in Hillsborough area. Our custom decks are the perfect option to get the deck of your dreams that is optimizing the use of your backyard while being a great outdoor space complement to your house. Such an optimal deck adds to the value of your house, and it is an investment rather than a general expense.

We Remodel Decks, Build Custom Decks, and Shade Structures in Hillsborough Area

Unlike general contractors who do virtually every construction task available, Deck Guardian is a professional deck builder in Hillsborough, that is specialized in decks, all aspects of them. We are a builder doing only decks, and we are proud of it. We are also proud of the positive change we bring in our clients’ lives.

We design, build and install new decks, and porches for clients, but those additions allow them to enjoy their property fully, by entertaining guests in a pleasant outdoor space they did not have before.

Give a new life to your deck

But we also remodel, resurface and rejuvenate old decks. We can simply change the surface boards and posts that have been damaged by an accident or by the passage of time, either replacing them with new wooden parts or opting for composite materials. The choice is up to you, depending on your uses and your preferences. But we can also totally remodel the appearance of your deck while using the existing supports (if they are still in a good condition). Our design experience and capabilities come in handy in such a situation, to limit the amount of work to be done, and the time needed to do it.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Design in Hillsborough, New Jersey

As we have seen, there are many types of deck projects, depending on what you have right now and what you would like to have in the near future. Unlike most of our competitors, we are a full-blown deck company offering you complete deck services, starting from design down to the installation.

Build the deck of your dreams

For your new deck, you could use our design service to create the vision you have in mind from scratch or start with a past deck we have installed and customize it to your specific needs and possibilities. That is a complete deck-building experience, from A to Z.

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Deck Guardian

Tips to Consider When Building a Custom Deck or Porche

When you approach various deck builders for a custom deck, it is important to see what they have done in the past to evaluate their skills and professionalism. Then, consider the experience of the company, if it really serves the local market, if it has insurance and a guarantee, etc.

Normally, a professional company will suggest you almost limitless options to use the space of your backyard, it will create a custom deck that will be in harmony with your house, in terms of design and colors, increasing the value of your property.

Build Your Dream Deck in Hillsborough With Deck Guardian!

When you consider all this, you realize you need to deal with a professional deck builder, one that has all the experience and skills to either build your dream deck from scratch with its design team or give your existing deck a new life.

Contact us today to make your dream a reality!

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