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Deck Guardian is a Haddonfield deck builder that uses both modern and time-tested building techniques.

This combination of building techniques gives us incredible versatility when it comes to the construction of new decks. It makes Deck Guardian a Haddonfield deck contractor that can adjust to the changing and unique demands of each client. Whether they want a simple traditional deck or a modern complex one, Deck Guardian has the capability to design and build it.

Deck Guardian believes that our operations as a Haddonfield deck contractor should revolve around the client. The process of each service we offer is incredibly fine-tuned to the needs of the client. Find out more about what Deck Guardian can offer by reading down below.

Looking for a Haddonfield Deck Building Company?

Deck Guardian is known to be one of the best Haddonfield deck company around. We serve as partners to local homeowners, and also to those that live within New Jersey when it comes to their deck and porch related projects.

Deck Guardian has been praised for not only our efficient deck-building process but also for our professional, pleasant, and hardworking team. Those aspects are the primary reasons why Deck Guardian is sought out by homeowners looking for a deck builder near Haddonfield. We bring excellence and professionalism to all the projects we take upon.

There’s no need to look for any other Haddonfield deck builder. Let Deck Guardian take on the challenge of bringing your dream deck to life.

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Deck Guardian

Why use our Haddonfield Decking Services?

As a deck builder near Haddonfield, Deck Guardian offers specialized deck installation services to all interested homeowners.

Deck Guardian is committed to supporting local homeowners by providing them with the opportunity to bring their dream deck project into reality. We are a specialized Haddonfield deck company that handles new deck and porch design and installation as well as deck resurfacing – a cost-effective method of restoring old and worn decks.

Our philosophy as a Haddonfield deck contractor is akin to the golden rule. That’s why we believe that the reason for our success is because we give our absolute best in each project we take on. Deck Guardian pays back the local homeowners by giving them fast and top-quality outdoor installations at fair prices. With us, quality decks and your complete satisfaction are guaranteed.

What Type of Decks can Deck Guardian build in Haddonfield?

Deck Guardian is a Haddonfield deck company that views the design process of the deck project as a collaboration between us and the client. We pursue the vision they have for the deck by using their description and requirements as well as the dimension measurements of their property as guides on the final design of the deck.

This allows us to accurately pinpoint the best-suited deck type for their home. From there, Deck Guardian selects and designs the deck type as an appealing and functional outdoor space. Furthermore, if you and your family have a specific material in mind, then we do our best as a Haddonfield deck builder to procure it and integrate it into your build.

  1. Detached Deck

    A detached deck is a great option for homeowners that are interested in creating dedicated areas in their backyard. This deck doesn’t require the traditional anchoring to the home or other support systems used in other decks. This allows it to be placed virtually anywhere.

    Just take note that superior quality materials such as composite wood are the best options for the detached deck if it is to be placed on damp areas or other similar terrains.

  2. Attached Deck

    An attached deck is a great option for homeowners that want the classic American-style deck. This deck is exactly what homeowners first imagine when they think of a deck. It is a raised platform in the backyard that can be accessed through the door it is connected to.

    While the design is simple to build, it requires a strong connection point between the house and the deck.

  3. Wraparound Deck

    A wraparound deck is a great option for homeowners that want to expand their usable space. A wraparound deck is an extended platform that is wrapped around multiple sides of the house. This platform creates a lot of space without interfering with the house’s interior architecture.

    Building this deck requires the perimeter of the house to be free of any blockages. Furthermore, if the entrances of the house it crosses are built on uneven levels, it can cause the wraparound deck to be uneven as well.

  4. Multi-tier Deck

    A multi-tier deck is a great option for homeowners that want to create more than just one deck level. The tiers of the multi-tier deck can be stacked on top of each other or placed at different elevations based on the needs of the homeowner.

    Take note that this deck can be costly to build. That’s because it uses more materials in its construction and the more complex design may need more hands to build it.

  5. Pool Deck

    A pool deck is a great option for homeowners that want to enhance their pool area. The deck is built second to the pool, so you don’t have to worry about the design of the pool and the pool deck becoming disjointed.

    Homeowners that are interested in this pool may want to look into upgrading the material into composite or something similar. That’s because these types of materials are waterproof and are softer to land on in case a person on top of the deck loses their footing.

Deck, Deck Resurfacing, Porches – near you in Haddonfield

Deck Guardian provides all the services you need to make your dream deck installation into reality.

Our main service is new custom decks that are tailored fit to the architecture of the home and the home life of the homeowner. Furthermore, our custom decks have a quick turnaround time. We do our best to follow the agreed-upon schedule and minimize any possible delays.

For our deck resurfacing service. The only requirement needed to avail of this service is a safety inspection check of the deck frame condition. If found to be a suitable candidate, the old deck boards will be removed and replaced with newer ones. Deck Guardian will also do any needed repairs to keep the deck up to code with the current safety standards.

Another service that we offer is new porch installation. The porch Deck Guardian designs revolve around the protective aspect of porches – whether that comes in the form of an open porch or screened porch. But we don’t forget about the importance of style. Like our new custom decks, we make sure that your porch perfectly fits into the design of the home.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian: Top Deck Builder and Contractor in Haddonfield

There is no better choice for a deck builder near Haddonfield than Deck Guardian. We are a team of professional deck specialists that offer all the services needed to pull off any planned deck project.

If you want to know more about what Deck Guardian can do for you, then get started by getting a free quote from us. Any potential homeowner can get this by simply filling in our free quotation form.

Choose only the best when it comes to getting a custom deck design. Choose Deck Guardian and make it into reality.

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