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Looking for Deck Builders in Edison, New Jersey?

If you are looking for deck builders in Edison, New Jersey, then search no more and contact Deck Guardian right away. We are proud to be a leading deck builder in the area.

Professional Deck Builder you can trust

Unlike general contractors who do all kinds of work, we are deck builders, with only one specialty: decks. We love decks, and we do everything around them: we design custom decks; we build them, and install them. For decks already in place, we are able to repair them, update them, resurface them, and so on. We are the ultimate one-stop-shop for anything related to decks.

What Is the Importance of HavDeck Builder in Edisoning a Professional Deck Builder in Edison?

It is very important to have a professional deck builder in Edison, like Deck Guardian, and not just general contractors. Deck specialists are able to not only install a deck, but we can also design a custom one for you and repair an existing one because we fully understand the structure of a deck. Being deck specialists, we can identify the weak points of a structure and make sure it will resist for years of use to come when you receive friends and family members at home, enjoying your time together during the warmer seasons.

It is also important to have a company offering deck installation and resurfacing services in Edison that understands the climate specific to the area. Knowing the climate and the pests living in the area guides a specialist in the selection of the right materials and maintenance routine to extend the longevity of your new deck. You can then trust Deck Guardian since it is a New Jersey business, a deck builder in Edison. We know the climate here; we experience it every year, and that makes a lot of difference.

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How should I start planning for a deck repair?

Many people are unsatisfied with their current deck and are looking for ways to improve either its appearance or change it altogether. The first step is to contact a deck builder in your area and get a free estimate for a deck repair. While you discuss with the builder, examine the possibility of upgrading the surfaces or go for a composite deck, which will last you a long time with little to no maintenance. Then, discuss the various options regarding costs and delays with them to see what would be the best for your needs and budget.

Tips on New Decks and Resurfacing for Edison

There are many things a deck owner can do to maintain its deck in great condition from the moment it is installed. This maintenance is especially needed in fall and spring when the debris is abundant and to prepare for the freezing season.

First, you will want to remove the debris from the cracks between deck boards before giving your deck a thorough sweep. Then, with the proper cleanser, clean the deck, making sure it is clean all over. Finally, let the deck dry. It is best to do this cleaning on a sunny day.
Even with good maintenance, wood decks will fade and deteriorate with time. That is then the moment to call a deck builder in Edison for help. They will evaluate the situation and determine if a resurfacing is needed.

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Deck Guardian

New Decks, Resurfacing, Porches —we have them all

Only professional deck builders can offer you the complete range of services, from designing new decks, repairing or resurfacing old decks, and creating new porches, and porches. We are a deck builder that does it all!

With our complete expertise on all aspects of deck design, construction, maintenance, and resurfacing, we are a complete one-stop-shop for all your deck needs. We have completed hundreds of different projects for just about as many satisfied clients all over the State of New Jersey, including the Edison area, of course.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Custom-Designed Deck

Our experts can do everything to enhance your backyard to be able to fully entertain guests during the warmer seasons. We fully understand that each house and backyard are different. We will look at your backyard and house to optimize the space and allow you to fully use it in accordance with your needs and preferences.

Plus, a deck making a brilliant use of your backyard increases the value of your house, since you offer an all-in-one solution for a potential buyer. So, creating a deck with the help of a professional deck builder is, in fact, an investment. Contact us for a detailed estimate, free of any obligation.

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Spend More Time Entertaining in the Edison, NJ, Area After Scheduling a Deck Installation

Like most homeowners, you probably enjoy entertaining guests coming to your house. During the summer, the hosting pleasure related to receiving friends and family members is increased when you are able to do that outdoors, around a pool or a BBQ.

Imagine all the fun you will have hosting all those guests in your backyard transformed by a deck, custom-made for you. Our specialists will design a deck to your specifications, both for design and use.

Contact us today to receive a free estimate for the deck of your dreams to be created in your backyard for the next warm season. Our specialists will accompany you during all the steps of the process, from the design to the installation.

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