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Finding the best East Hanover deck builder is harder than you think. Homeowners who want to build a deck are looking for:

  • the best quality
  • the best price
  • A reputable deck builder

Thankfully, Deck Guardian, an East Hanover deck builder, is the perfect match if you want all 3 non-negotiable qualities. Not only do we provide top-notch quality services, but we also offer competitive rates to fit every budget. Our East Hanover deck company has what it takes to build your dream deck.

Looking for an East Hanover Deck Building Company?

When choosing the East Hanover deck builder right for you, look for the following:

  • Experience.
    Deck Guardian has over 10 years of experience in the decking industry, and we constantly adapt our methods to meet every challenge with creative solutions.
  • Licensed and insured.
    Is the East Hanover deck builder registered and insured? Deck Guardian is both. Run, don’t walk, when you meet a deck builder who isn’t!
  • High standards.
    Do they abide by building standards? Deck Guardian guarantees that all standards are met and will even take care of all necessary building permits for the homeowner.
  • Design process.
    Does the East Hanover deck builder have in-house designers? Or do they offer pre-designed deck plans only? Deck Guardian offers both to our customers so we can effectively meet the unique requirements of every deck project.
  • Winning Warranty.
    Do they guarantee products and workmanship? Deck Guardian warranties all work and all materials used for each deck they build.
  • Deadline Driven.
    Does the East Hanover deck contractor meet deadlines? Deck Guardian will work with the homeowner to create a timeline that works with your schedule on all projects.
  • Flexible Financing.
    Does the East Hanover Deck Company offer flexible financing options? Deck Guardian partners with HFS, offering home improvement loans to help you build the deck of your dreams.

Even on a tight budget, don’t settle for an East Hanover deck contractor that doesn’t offer you the above qualities. Sacrificing any of these can significantly affect how smoothly the overall building process will go.

Deck Guardian is a deck builder near East Hanover that will build you a high-quality custom deck within a reasonable price range without cutting corners on service and construction.

With Deck Guardian, you get the absolute best service, craft, and quality. So if you’re in the market for a deck builder near East Hanover, your search is over, and Deck Guardian is here to build you the perfect deck!

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Deck Guardian

Why use our East Hanover Deck Builder decking services?

Call the right deck builder near East Hanover if you want a deck built right. Deck Guardian understands that decks are a big investment, and we treat each project with the highest importance and we handle every detail with meticulous attention.

Deck Guardian, the East Hanover Deck Company, will take special care of each project from the initial consultation to the final walk-through. When we do the final inspection of your deck, the best East Hanover deck builder will happily take care of all deficiencies if there are any.

Our East Hanover Deck Company will guide you through every decision, leaving you with an impeccable deck. We answer questions on time and will always keep you in the loop. We give updates along the way and make a point to communicate with customers throughout the process.

Deck Guardian takes pride in keeping customers 100% satisfied with their new deck. Don’t just take it from us; check out our excellent reviews on Google.

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Deck Guardian

What type of decks can Deck Guardian build in East Hanover Deck Builder?

Deck Guardian is an East Hanover builder with an excellent track record. We’ve built all types of decks for all terrains and landscapes. Whether you have a little or a lot of space, our deck builder near East Hanover will take your deck vision and make it a reality.

The decks built by the premier East Hanover deck builder come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few of the common types of decks we design, construct and install for our happy customers:

Attached Decks

Attached decks are the most common type of deck that can beautify all kinds of properties. Depending on each customer’s desires, these decks can be simple or complex in design. The main feature of these decks is that they are attached to your home by a deck ledger board. This helps to guarantee a strong, sturdy, and secure deck by giving it added strength due to it being anchored to a solid structure. So feel free to host the biggest party possible on your new attached deck!

Multi-Tier Decks

Multi-tiered decks are another common deck type built by an East Hanover deck builder. The multiple-stacked platform design works well with properties built on slopes or uneven landscapes. Multi-tier decks can give you even more space and require experience and expertise to build. You can also select from various styles of stairs and/or ramps to accent your multi-tiered deck and provide great accessibility for friends and family.

Wrap-Around Decks

Wrap-around decks can give you a jaw-dropping 180-degree view of your property, allowing you to enjoy the view of a scenic yard or beautiful backdrop at your East Hanover home. These decks require a large amount of space and materials; however, the payoff to own this type of deck is priceless, adding decades of enjoyment and significant value to your property.

Detached Decks

These free-standing decks mean an East Hanover deck builder can construct your deck on any part of your property. The quality of detached decks is determined by the types of materials used to construct them. Using strong pressure-treated woods to build the structure’s foundation will help keep the shape of this stand-alone deck and prevent wobbling and movement. Hiring professional builders will provide you with a guarantee your detached deck is built to code.

Pool Decks

In-ground pools and above-ground pool decks are an East Hanover deck builder specialty. Pool decks need to be made with materials that can withstand temperature and moisture and need to be a slip-free surface. Our expert deck builder near East Hanover can help you select the appropriate pool deck material that is best suited for your pool deck.

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Deck Guardian

Decks, Deck Resurfacing, Porches – near you in East Hanover Deck Builder

Deck Guardian is an East Hanover deck contractor that will stay on schedule when building your custom deck. We work efficiently to ensure your deck project gets completed on time. It is imperative for an East Hanover deck contractor to make customers feel their time is valued. If there is ever a delay (due to weather or material availability), we will communicate these details to you.

Building a deck with our East Hanover Deck Company means respect and excellent communication every step of the way!

Deck Guardian may have the word “deck” in our name, but we also build incredible porches. Porches are becoming more and more popular for our East Hanover deck contractor, which makes sense, as the climate in New Jersey can be unpredictable. Porches are essentially covered decks, which helps keep the elements at bay, so you don’t have to bring the party inside if it starts raining!

Even better, build a screened porch. Now your porch has been elevated to an indoor/outdoor space. Screened porches are not only a functional space during the summer months; you can use this space 3 seasons of the year because the screens protect you from the elements. No more staying indoors because it’s too windy outside. You can now enjoy your space most of the year because it was built by a deck builder near East Hanover.

If you install shutters for your windows or purchase an outdoor space heater, your porch can be a fully functioning all-season space. Not only does your porch become an extension of your home, but it also can up the value of your house substantially. How great is that?!

Another service provided by our East Hanover Deck Company is deck resurfacing. This involves removing the deck boards from a pre-existing deck and utilizing the deck structure beneath to build a new, stronger, more attractive deck.

Often when working on a deck resurfacing project, an East Hanover deck builder may notice the foundation supports need replacing as well. But you could get lucky and only require the surface of the deck. Regardless, our East Hanover deck builder will communicate all their findings so you can make the choice.

Many customers decide to move from the traditional lumber of their old deck to a new upgrade, using composite material to resurface their deck. Deck Guardian uses only the most reliable and top-quality materials like pressure-treated lumber, composite materials, or hardwoods.

Whatever material you choose, you can trust that Deck Guardian, the premier deck builder near East Hanover, will use only the top materials to build your deck.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian: Excellent deck builder and contractor in East Hanover Deck Builder

When you do your research, you will find there is just no other deck builder near East Hanover like Deck Guardian. We are a trustworthy and experienced deck contractor, and our East Hanover Deck Company promises you top-notch service at a competitive price. What more could you ask for when building a deck?

Don’t wait to book your free consultation with our design team, as we book up fast! Let’s get started building your dream deck!

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