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If you are looking at an empty backyard behind your house or if the existing porch or the deck needs to be rejuvenated, you are most likely to hire professionals from a reliable and reputable deck builder in East Brunswick to help you out.

First, we have to realize that there are general building contractors doing general deck work and listing themselves as deck builders, then there are full-featured deck builders who are specialized in everything related to decks, including design, construction, and installation.

Both types of contractors have vastly different levels of experience, as it is normal between someone who does something occasionally and someone who does it all the time. When dealing with a full-time deck company, they have skills and knowledge others simply do not have. That is why it is important to select the right company for your deck.

What Services Do Deck Builders Offer in East Brunswick?

Unlike general contractors who mostly provide only installation services, a dedicated and professional deck builder, like Deck Guardian, will be able to offer you a wide range of services. Among the services we offer, there are those related to a brand-new deck (custom design, construction, and installation) and those related to a refreshment of an existing deck (resurfacing, with or without expansion).

Homeowners from East Brunswick can then use deck builders to create the deck of their dreams. East Brunswick deck professionals are available to perform various services related to deck design, deck building, and deck installation. But also, similar services for custom porches.

Keep in mind that when a single company offers you a wide variety of deck-related services, which means it has deep and extensive knowledge on the subject.

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Deck Guardian

Build, Resurface or Rebuild

When it comes to your deck, you basically have three options available, depending on your situation, your needs, and your aspirations. Before contacting a deck builder in East Brunswick, you need to have at least a basic idea of what you want your project to look like.

1. Brand-new Deck

The most common idea when we think about a deck is to build a brand-new one. That is often why people contact a deck builder, like us. This can be a generic solution from a catalog that might not be fully appropriate for your needs or your house, or it could be a custom-built deck matching all your needs and preferences, in addition to adding value to your house. Professional and specialized deck builders will be able to suggest a unique design created just for you, considering all your needs and preferences.

2. Give your existing deck a new life

A second approach is to have your deck rejuvenated by changing all the surface boards and posts to resurface it. This becomes a necessity with the passage of time, especially with the enormous variations of climate experienced in East Brunswick. Then you could decide if you want to replace your old wooden boards with new wood boards or if you prefer to go towards a composite deck, which is easier to maintain.

3. Mix and match

You can mix and match those approaches to your needs. For example, you could decide to replace your old deck with a brand-new one, expanding it instead of simply replacing the boards. If you choose to resurface it, there is nothing preventing you from having us add a new section to your old structure to expand your possibilities.

Anything is possible when you are dealing with professionals listening to your needs and preferences if they have the proper experience and vision to transform your dream into a reality. We are proud to say we have been such a partner for so many clients over the years.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian, A Fully Qualified Deck Company in East Brunswick

Deck Guardian is a professional deck builder creating solutions from scratch, so our clients have a prestigious deck in their backyard, respecting a deck design they had first imagined in their minds. We make a reality of our clients’ fantasy or absolute decks they dream of.

We have completed hundreds of projects for people in the East Brunswick area as well as all over New Jersey. We are proud to be a key factor in the transformation of their backyard, so they can now fully enjoy it.

In addition to our high qualifications, we have an excellent portfolio to show you, and we are fully insured for any unforeseen event during the realization of your deck. We will also provide you with a fully detailed quote that will give you the total amount you will pay.

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Deck Guardian

In Summary

When you are looking for a deck builder in East Brunswick, it is best to deal with a genuine deck builder, like Deck Guardian. We offer you various services to build you a brand-new deck from scratch through our design service, to expand the deck you already have, or simply to resurface this old deck of yours.

Beyond decks, we can also design and build porches for you. We are ready to meet any and all your needs to transform your backyard into a location where you will be proud to host friends and family for various gatherings during the warm season.

Contact us today to discuss your plans, and we will accompany you every step of the way towards the installation of your envisioned deck inside your backyard. We will do everything to let you fully enjoy your property.

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