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If you are looking for a reliable deck builder in Chatham, New Jersey, you landed on the right page. Unlike many companies claiming to be deck builders, Deck Guardian is a genuine deck-building company creating custom solutions from A to Z. We will design your deck to match your needs, and you will not have to adapt your uses to the deck you can get from a catalog offered by other builders.

In this article, we will explore some of the many advantages of having a custom deck for your backyard. You will see how this makes an enormous difference for you and for your house. For you, you will be able to receive friends and family the way you always dreamed of. As for your house, it will gain beauty and value from a carefully designed deck.

A Reliable Custom Deck Builder in Chatham, New Jersey

Every homeowner in Chatham hopes to find a reliable deck builder to assist them in the realization of their dream deck. Unfortunately, not every builder is qualified or reliable to create and deliver a new deck matching your needs and preferences.

But you have found Deck Guardian. We have years of experience, during which we have built and resurfaced decks and porches for hundreds of clients. With so many projects behind us, we have probably already built a deck very similar to the one you are dreaming of. By browsing our past projects (not a catalog of prebuilt models), we can find something close to what you want and adapt it. If not, we will simply start from scratch and design the optimal deck for you.

Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate deck that will meet your needs and matches your house to increase its value. Contact us today to begin your dream deck project.

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Deck Guardian

Advantages of a Custom Deck

As a homeowner, one of the challenges you face is whether you should install a generic, blend deck into your backyard or opt for a custom deck. Only genuine deck builders, like Deck Guardian, can accompany you during all the steps of the creation, building, and installation of a custom deck. On the other hand, general entrepreneurs claiming to be builders will only install you a prebuilt deck selected from a catalog.

But what are the benefits of a custom deck? There are many advantages of having a custom deck, and we will explore a few of them here. Each custom deck is unique because it reflects the personality of the homeowner and their preferred lifestyle, something you cannot get from a generic solution.

1. Extended Space

The first major advantage you will get from a custom deck is that you will have the space you need to comfortably receive your friends and family regularly. Your custom deck will give you enough room to host your usual number of guests with no problem at all, giving everyone the space they need to enjoy their time outdoors with you.

2. Divisions and functional areas

Second, especially if you have a very spacious deck area, you will be able to divide the space the way you want, implementing divisions between functional areas (like cooking area, dining area, living area, and so on). Those divisions could be done by handrails, small walls, planters, and so on, or by creating a multilevel deck. Depending on the number of guests you have, the activities you do with them, or the other equipment you have in your backyard (a pool, a jacuzzi, a fire pit, and so on), your deck will be unique.

3. Matching and Complementing

The third reason a custom deck is better is that you will have it match the design and complement the colors of your house. Instead of slapping a generic deck against your house, you will have a beautiful solution that will enhance the beauty of your house. Because of that, a custom deck is not an expense, it is an investment that increases the overall value of your property.


4. Integration

A fourth advantage is that we can consider any irregularity in your backyard and include it in our design, like a tree in the middle of the place, a slope, a pool, and so on.

Finally, you will have full control over the choice of materials for your deck. Both wood and composite materials are great choices. But, depending on your particular project and personal preferences, the unbeatable warmth of wood or the ease of maintenance of a composite deck will be a better choice for you. Let our pros guide you in the selection of the best option for you.

Contact our experts today to discuss what you want to include in your dream deck design, and we will make sure to match your needs and preferences.

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Deck Guardian


So, if you are looking for a deck builder in Chatham, New Jersey, look no further than Deck Guardian. We are a genuine and professional deck builder able to create the custom deck of your dreams, build it and install it in your backyard. We will discuss with you to understand your needs, preferences, and expectations before including all of them in a design that will perfectly match your house.

We are not just a generic builder; we are your partner to transform your backyard, to transform your life as a homeowner.

Bring your ideas and dreams to us. We will put them on paper before we build them in your backyard. Let us add your personality to your property.

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