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Delicious Orchards and Laird’s AppleJack are both located in Colts Neck, which makes it a great place to build your customized deck in. Queen Latifah, David Bryan of the band Bon Jovi, and Bruce Springsteen are among the notable residents. The Colts Neck Fair and the Colts Neck Art & Craft Festival are two major municipal events there too.

If you’re looking for a Colt Neck deck builder, you’ve come to the right place. If you know where to look, you will find the best Colts Neck deck contractor. With Deck Guardian, Colts Neck houses will benefit from superior workmanship and efficiency. We design and install your deck such that it does not interfere with your work or personal life.

Now, if you’re searching for a Colts Neck Deck Builder, let us lead you through our guide to see the finest types of decks you can design if you aren’t sure yet, and to obtain some general understanding about decks and our services in Deck Guardian.

Looking for a Colts Neck Deck Building Company?

Deck Guardian is a Colts Neck Deck Builder who can rise to the occasion and exceed those expectations. We are fully prepared to meet the requirements of your deck installation job.

We will personally oversee all areas of the construction process and ensure that everything is in order. We give a single point of contact for the whole deck construction process, which includes everything you might want and need in a Colts Neck deck contractor.

Deck Guardian is a Colts Neck deck company that strictly adheres to your concept. We meticulously record what you want and design methods to achieve it as precisely as feasible.

When you use Deck Guardian as your Colts Neck Deck Builder, you may have the deck of your dreams while also freeing up your schedule to spend time with your family.

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Deck Guardian

Why Should You Use our services as a Colts Neck Deck Contractor?

A generic deck for your home may be built by any Colts Neck deck contractor. However, if you want someone to make your deck ideas a reality, going the simple path is not enough.

You need a Colts Neck deck builder that can comprehend your goal and create a plan to get there. Deck Guardian is the ideal partner for your deck-building adventures. Deck Guardian can handle everything from basic connected decks to large, screened porches.

We are skilled and ready to deal with any unexpected difficulties that may develop throughout the deck construction process. When it comes to working with a deck builder in Colts Neck, Deck Guardian is your best ally.

You can always check our website’s client reviews to ensure yourself how good our service is at the bottom of the page, or you can check some more reviews and our location on google maps.

What type of decks can Deck Guardian build in Colts Neck?

There are different types of decks and materials you can use to build your special and creative deck. Let’s discuss some of the types and their usage:

  • Composite Decking without a question, composite decking is one of the best decking materials available. Composite decking has been a popular choice for many backyard restorations since it is more environmentally friendly and easier to maintain than wood decks.It has come a long way from materials that resembled plastic more than wood. Composite decking boards give long-term protection by utilizing high-performance recycled materials and cutting-edge technologies.Whether you’re concerned about your budget or what the investment could entail for your resale value, composite decking can alleviate your fears on both counts.Composite decking is a low-cost option, and the high-quality material will keep your deck looking good for a long time. You won’t have to waste time designing the deck of your dreams thanks to its simple concealed clip installation technique.
  • Pressure-Treated Decking
    There are lots of benefits of the Pressure-Treated wood that you must know when you’re looking for a Colts Neck Deck Builder:
  1. Pressure-treated timber is stronger and more durable than untreated wood products, and it is resistant to scratches and dents. It is ideal for long-term usage.
  2. Moisture Resistant: Unlike raw wood, pressure-treated timber will not soften and progressively degrade.
  3. Many different forms of fungus may feed on the moisture in untreated wood and thrive, but pressure-treated timber is fungal resistant.
  4. Insect Resistant: When insects dig into wood, it weakens, eventually producing structural concerns. With pressure-treated timber, you won’t have to worry about wood-boring or wood-damaging insects.
  5. Fire resistance is one of the most significant risks to any sort of wood. Pressure-treated timber that is flame retardant can be utilized in settings where the risk of fire is increased, such as outdoor kitchens, grilling areas, or fireplaces.


Now, let’s get to the styles and types of decks:

  1. Attached Decks
    The most popular deck type among all Colts Neck Deck Builders and homeowners with conventionally constructed homes. It is an elevated platform that is anchored to the house’s wall. It is fastened to the wall with the help of a ledger board.
  2. Detached DecksThis deck may be installed on any sort of surface. It is not confined to the standard deck requirement of being adjacent to another structure
  3. Multi-Tier DecksA multi-tiered or two-story deck is ideal if you have a vast property or if the elevation of your land fluctuates. Different levels of decking will be connected, typically by steps or pathways. A multi-tier deck may be all that you can accommodate if you have difficult terrain, hills, slopes, and/or rocky landscape.The advantages of a multi-tier deck include more space and the creation of unique areas on different levels. It also has a high aesthetic appeal since it may function as an intricate, attractive design on its own.
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Deck Guardian

Colts Neck Deck Builders – Resurfacing and Refinishing

If you’re looking for a deck builder near Colts Neck to resurface or refinish, we can get your work done at Deck Guardian. Let’s explain resurfacing and refinishing a little bit.

Many older homes, which were initially built with ancient hardwood flooring, are now exhibiting their age. If this is occurring on your hardwood floor, you may be wondering if you should totally resurface it or simply refinish it.


Sanding down the top layer of the floor and adding new stain and varnish over the existing wood is what refinishing entails. It merely takes a drum sander, stain, and lacquer to restore the luster to your floor. You can do it yourself, but the expert treatment will leave you completely happy.


Resurfacing your floor entails more than simply applying a coat of shine on top. It could be necessary to remove old flooring, grind down uneven boards, and reinforce wood planks with new nails.

This method is more time-consuming and costly since it necessitates the purchase of wood-grinding equipment, timber, a nail gun, a power saw, and other specialized gear. In other words, this is a job best left to specialists like Gordon James.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian: Your Best Colts Neck Deck Builder

Don’t worry if you’re still unsure whether Deck Guardian is the perfect deck builder near Colts Neck for you. Get a free quotation from us to see whether we’re the right partner for you. Simply fill out the free quote form on our website and you’re ready to go.

As the best Colts Neck deck company, Deck Guardian can help you create the unique deck of your desires. Allow Deck Guardian to be the north star in your deck installation trip to ensure the desired outcome.

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