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Are you looking to build a new deck? Clark Deck Builder, Deck Guardian, provides top-notch service all over New Jersey. Suppose you’re looking to build a deluxe deck or porch, even if you’re looking to fix up an old deck. Our Clark deck Company is the best choice!

There are many deck builders out there, so one of the biggest challenges is finding a Clark deck builder that you can trust. In the family-focused borough of Clark, you want an experienced and dependable Clark deck contractor.

You’ve found your perfect match with Deck Guardian.

Looking for a Clark Deck Building Company?

Finding a great Clark deck builder takes work, as there is a lot of competition out there, but one deck builder really stands out from the rest. Deck Guardian is a top-quality New Jersey deck builder that builds beautifully crafted decks.

Homeowners looking to improve the value of their homes may be looking for a deck builder near Clark. If you want an experienced custom deck builder, you’ve found the best in New Jersey, Deck Guardian.

Our Clark deck builder can build an exquisitely designed and fully customized deck, and we have options for pre-designed decks too. No matter what type of deck you’re looking for, our Clark Deck Company has got a design for you.

Deck Guardian is a Clark deck builder with the expertise to offer cost-effective deck-building methods to the locals of Clark. And with our professional management system, the process of your build should run smoothly and on schedule. If you’re looking for a deck builder near Clark who puts customers first – look no further than Deck Guardian.

Some things are out of our control- like the weather and material delays. We will always communicate with our clients if something doesn’t go according to our plan. You will be kept in the loop 100% of the time when you hire the best Clark deck builder.

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Deck Guardian

Decks, Porches, and Deck Resurfacing- near you in Clark

When you build a deck with a deck builder near Clark, you can choose any deck you want. There are so many different types, styles, and materials of decks to choose from. Choose from:

  • An attached deck.
    A deck that you can access right from your back door. It is the most common type of deck built by a Clark deck builder. They come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple 12 x 12 deck to a more complicated deck with built-in seating.
  • A detached deck.
    A Clark deck contractor can construct a ground-level deck anywhere in your backyard or property. Maybe a patio along the tree line at the back of your property or a deck in your garden. A deck builder near Clark will get the appropriate permits to build a deck wherever you want.
  • A multi-tier deck.
    Also known as a multi-level deck, this type of deck is ideal for homes on hills or uneven ground. We can even add an ADA-compliant ramp for easy access.
  • A wraparound deck.
    These decks wrap around your home, often connecting multiple rooms. A Clark deck builder can discuss the best approach to this type of deck, as its construction can be complicated.
  • A pool deck.
    Bring the fun to your backyard with a pool deck. These decks are constructed around a swimming pool, hot tub, or spa.
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Deck Guardian

Deck Resurfacing with A Clark Deck Builder

If you have an existing deck, but it’s no longer safe because of rotting boards, or it just looks like it’s seen better days, our experienced Clark deck builder can do a deck resurfacing. This entails replacing surface planks or boards, essentially giving your deck a facelift so you can be proud to host your next neighborhood BBQ!

Of course, no two deck resurfacing jobs are the same. Your existing deck support structures (posts, footings, and frames) must be structurally strong. Otherwise, a Clark deck contractor may have to replace the foundation. So if the deck isn’t safe, we will have to replace the entire deck.

Screened Porches Built by Deck Guardian in Clark

Life gets busy, so your home needs to be a safe space for you to relax and feel at peace. Everyone knows being outside and surrounded by nature can help deal with stress. Unwinding with friends and family outside will help raise some endorphins and lower your stress level.

The big question- what type of deck should you build? Hiring our creative Clark deck contractor can help you choose the right kind of deck for your lifestyle. One of the most popular deck types is the screened porch.

What makes a screened porch such a great choice? It gives you the best of both an indoor and outdoor space.

Some of the BIG advantages of building a screened porch with our Clark Deck Company:

  • Heat control.
    A Clark summer can get extremely hot, so if you’re looking to build a deck, you will most certainly need a patio umbrella, a pergola, or a gazebo to create some shade to give you relief from the hot New Jersey sun. These items can get pricey. Having cover is especially important if you have partial or full sun in your yard. Building a screened porch with a Clark deck builder may be pricier than just a standard deck, but it can save you costs in other ways.
  • Insect protection.
    There is nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy a meal while swatting away flies. A Clark deck contractor will tell you that customers love being outside on their screened porch and not having to worry about bugs…especially with kids! What parent hasn’t heard a child screaming because a bee flew too close? Building a screened porch saves you from all that drama.
  • Rain proof.
    It rains 120 days a year in New Jersey, and that is a lot of wet days where you may be unable to enjoy your deck and outdoor space… unless you have a screened porch. Even on those days when it’s raining cats and dogs, you will be protected by the screens.
  • Wind Resistant.
    Windy days can blow away your fun, and spending time outdoors when it’s cold and blowing, is definitely not a good time. A screened porch could save the day. The screens act as a barrier, allowing fresh air to blow through, so you can enjoy being outside no matter the weather condition.
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Deck Guardian

Best Reasons to use our Clark decking services?

Do you want to rejuvenate and add life to your yard or property but feel unsure how to do it?

It’s easy- build a deck.

But which deck builder near Clark to pick?

That’s also easy. Choose Deck Guardian!

We’re your go-to Clark deck builder. The services offered are, hands-down, the best in the business.

The process is easy and stress-free, from first contact to consultation, design, and installation. Our Clark Deck Company also offers financing options to help you build the deck of your dreams. Click here to find out more about our financing partner. There is no reason to hesitate- let our Clark Deck Company transform your outdoor space.

Deck Guardian: BEST Clark deck builder and contractor

When hiring a Clark deck builder to build a deck, you want a company that gives each and every customer the ultimate deck-building experience. Luckily you found us- Deck Guardian.

We will beautify your yard and give you a peaceful oasis to relax, unwind, and reconnect with nature.

What are you waiting for? Get a free quote by simply filling out our online form, or give us a call today to book your FREE consultation!

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