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Deck Guardian is a Chesterfield deck builder that delivers unparalleled expertise in deck and porch installation. Presently, we provide new custom decks, deck resurfacing, and porch installation for homeowners all over New Jersey. Deck Guardian has an outstanding portfolio of completed deck projects that homeowners continue to use and enjoy today. As a Chesterfield deck contractor, we continuously develop our building techniques, equipment, and network of connections. We do this to uphold the standards we maintain for each deck installation and continuously provide clients with the finest custom deck. Deck Guardian doesn’t view being a Chesterfield deck company from a purely business aspect – we aim to improve the lives of homeowners through finely built decks that improve the appeal and value of their property.

Looking for a Chesterfield Deck Building Company?

Deck Guardian provides all the products and services that are typically offered by a Chesterfield deck contractor. But that’s not where our expertise ends. Deck Guardian proudly provides homeowners with a preexisting deck with a method to revitalize their old decks called deck resurfacing. This is method is a cost-effective way of not only repairing the deck but enhancing it with new boards. We are a deck builder near Chesterfield that specializes in customized decks and porches. We design innovative outdoor installations that will seamlessly fit right onto the home. Furthermore, Deck Guardian’s services come at a reasonable quote. Get quality outdoor installations without going out of budget. There’s no need to look any further for a Chesterfield deck builder. Deck Guardian provides you with a wide range of deck options that fit your budget. But rest assured, any option you select will undoubtedly result in an outstanding deck.

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Deck Guardian

Why use our Chesterfield Decking Services?

Good relations with the local homeowners keep any deck builder near Chesterfield alive. Other deck builders can promise fast decks at cheap prices but professional behavior and quality services are what earn the trust of their customers. Deck Guardian pays back the trust that homeowners place in by transforming and improving the condition of their home life. We focus on quality. The decks and porches our Chesterfield deck company builds are designed to be durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. You can be assured that your home will be in safe hands. Deck Guardian promises that our techniques and construction methods are designed to be minimally disruptive. That’s because we believe that a Chesterfield deck builder should make the installation process hassle and stress-free for the homeowner and their family.

What Type of Decks can Deck Guardian build in Chesterfield?

Deck Guardian is fully capable of building various types of decks that fit into the budget, needs, and property conditions of the homeowner. Furthermore, as a specialized Chesterfield deck builder, each one that we build is made with superior materials. Rain or shine – no matter what weather conditions and the activity done on the deck. We guarantee that Deck Guardian-built decks can stand strong against these conditions and last for years to come. We encourage you to take a look around the various types of decks that Deck Guardian builds so that you can have a better idea of which ones may suit your needs and preferences.

  1. Attached Deck

    The attached deck is favored by homeowners thanks to its simple yet effective design. It is anchored to the side of the house facing the backyard. The attached deck also acts as the access point between the house and the yard. Homeowners can use this deck for whatever purpose they need. The simple design makes it open to additional structures and other customizations.

  2. Multi-Tier Deck

    The multi-tier deck is chosen by homeowners that want to elevate the elegance of their outdoor area. It is composed of layered platforms placed at different intervals. The multi-tier deck is accessed through a stairway or other similar paths. Homeowners also use this deck as a way to create even spaces on inclined property areas. The placement at different intervals can be adjusted according to the terrain without sacrificing quality.

  3. Wraparound Deck

    The wraparound deck is picked by homeowners that want to extend their usable space without changing the interior structure of the property. The wraparound deck is anchored across multiple sides of the house – effectively wrapping the deck throughout the exterior. Homeowners sometimes divide the extended platform of the wraparound deck to create dedicated spaces.

  4. Detached Deck

    The detached deck is used by homeowners that want a deck but do not necessarily anchor it to the house. This deck type can be placed on virtually any type of terrain, provided that the materials used are well-suited to the challenges brought upon by the terrain. Homeowners use these decks to create specialized spaces across the backyard.

  5. Pool Deck

    The pool deck has become a favored installation for homeowners with a pool installation. Modern pool deck designs focus on the safety and comfortability of the swimmers utilizing softer waterproof materials. Homeowners usually prefer the usage of composite wood materials for pool decks to reduce the amount of maintenance needed.

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Deck Guardian

Deck, Deck Resurfacing, Porches – near you in Chesterfield

Deck Guardian maintains rigorous build standards across all the deck and porch-related projects we take on. As a Chesterfield deck contractor, we make this possible through our specialized construction method. We implement a straightforward yet effective construction for all of our services. For our new custom deck, we have a three-step process that highlights efficiency.

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Deck Design and Proposal
  3. Deck Installation and Clean-Up

deck resurfacing is not a service that a deck builder near Chesterfield typically offers. That’s because understanding the design of a deck that another party constructed can be a complicated process. But don’t fret! Deck Guardian is fully capable of providing this deck restoration method in just five steps.

  1. Deck Safety Inspection
  2. Building Permit Application and Removal of Old Decking Materials
  3. Perform All Needed Repairs and Ensure Frame is Up to Code
  4. Installation of New Deck Boards and Rails
  5. Clean-Up of the Work Site

The porch installation service offered by Deck Guardian is done in virtually the same process as our new custom deck. The only thing customers have to take note of is the type of porch that they want. We offer two kinds of porches:

  • Open porches
  • Screened porches

Our team explains the differences between these two porches in detail during the initial consultation. But we encourage customers to check out further details on our porches page. You can avail of all the services our Chesterfield deck company offers year-round. No matter the season or month – Deck Guardian is ready to help you get started on building the home life you dreamed of.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian: Top Deck Builder and Contractor in Chesterfield

Deck Guardian is a Chesterfield deck builder that strives to continuously develop our construction techniques. This is because we want to keep up with the times and deliver excellent decks and porches to all of our clients. We acknowledge that each customer has a different set of requirements and budget in mind for their deck. This is why Deck Guardian provides all of our services at a reasonable price. You can see this in action when you get a free quote from us. Simply fill in the free quotation form on our website and we’ll promptly send you the estimated quote for the project. Get an affordable yet quality custom deck by choosing Deck Guardian!

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