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We all look forward to the next warm season to welcome friends and family in our backyard and enjoy significant moments with them under the sun. But as you look outside, you see a plain backyard while others have a full-blown deck to host guests. You want that to be different next summer. That is why you need to contact a deck builder, they are construction pros being able to create a large variety of new decks and custom porches.

Ready for a New Deck in Your Backyard?

You have waited long enough to add this deck of your dreams to your backyard. It is time to jump in and make your dream a reality. Maybe you have checked out deck catalogs but didn’t find one you really liked, nor one that fits your house or your backyard in terms of style or space. The solution is to have your deck custom-made to your needs and space by a professional deck builder, like Deck Guardian, a top deck builder in Bridgewater. Contact us today to make your dream a reality for next summer! We are not just contractors doing all kinds of general work; we are deck pros.

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Deck Guardian

Need A Custom Deck? Hire a TOP Deck Contractor in New Jersey

Over the years, we have designed thousands of custom decks for our clients. Each design is unique, considering all the wishes of the client, considering what space he wants to allocate to the deck, what it will be used for (just receiving guests in an outdoor living room, having large BBQ dinners, hosting parties, watching movies outside, etc.), and what is already in place (like a pool, a shed, etc.).

Deck builder serving in Bridgewater

As a leading deck builder in New Jersey, our attention to all details, including a budget, is what makes us stand apart from our competitors and makes us a predominant deck company, putting our deck pros at your service to create the deck you and your house truly deserve. We are proud to offer our expert services to most of the State of New Jersey, including Bridgewater, of course.

Deck Contractor With Many Years of Experience Serving Bridgewater

Deck Guardian, a leading deck builder in Bridgewater, has built decks for many clients. Beyond the simple classic contractor work, we are a full-blown deck builder, with pros in our team and with all the services related to that. We have designed all kinds of decks, from simple to elaborate ones. Some were just a little space attached to the house to host the BBQ grill, and it is perfectly okay if that is what you want. Others were much more complex, like creating a huge outdoor living space, sometimes as big as the house itself!

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian—Among the Top 3 Deck Builders in Bridgewater, New Jersey

Throughout the years, we have not only built decks, but we also have built for ourselves an enviable reputation for professionalism. This professionalism is reflected in the design’s quality we create for our clients. Some designs we made were traditional, others were matching the latest trends in outdooring. But all of them were designed and built with the client’s needs and quality in mind.

A Genuine Deck Builder

That care for the design and addressing the needs of each client of ours is what distinguishes us as deck constructors, not just general contractors. We are builders, not mere assemblers of generic deck designs. Let us build your Bridgewater deck of a dream. We are deck builders and proud of it.

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Deck Guardian

Design, Quality Materials, and Durable Construction— The Keys to Your Dream Custom Deck

After getting your house, the next question is often “how will I receive guests and have a great time with them outdoors?”. In New Jersey, the summers are too short, and we really need to get the most of the few months of pleasant weather we have every year. The best way to do that is to host friends and family gatherings outside, in the privacy of our backyard.
The first step is usually to think about furniture, but then you realize you need a location to place all this furniture to welcome your guests. Putting an expensive outdoor sofa set right on the grass is not a good idea in New Jersey, since it rains often during the warm season. You then think about a deck to support all your furniture, your BBQ grill, and a few other things.
When it comes to having a deck custom-made for your specific needs, space, and budget, the three things to keep in mind are the design, the quality of the materials, and the construction.
When you get top-notch quality in each of those three elements, you will have a deck that will serve its purposes for many years to come. That is what we offer at Deck Guardian, a leading deck builder in Bridgewater, as we are proud to serve our clients year after year.

Contact Us Today to Get Started on Your Deck Project

Call us today or contact us through our website to plan a meeting to discuss your needs and the deck of your dreams. We will create a design to match your interests, needs, and budget. With you, we will design the layout, choose the materials, determine a construction calendar, and all other details related to the creation of your deck by our construction pros. Besides new decks, we can also create new porches for our clients.
That is how professional deck builders like us operate. We place YOU and your needs at the center of all we do. That is the kind of builder you want for your deck!

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