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Are you looking for a deck builder in Branchburg, New Jersey? If so, the real question you should ask yourself is if you are looking for a deck designer or just a mere deck installer. Many companies will advertise themselves as a deck builder, but what they do is just assembling a pre-built deck from a catalog of one of their providers. It will be a generic solution your neighbor could also have in his backyard, although his house is of a totally different style.

A Professional Deck Builder

But if you are looking for a genuine professional deck builder, you should look for a company that is specialized in decks. A company that does decks for a living, and only decks. Such a company, like Deck Guardian, will not offer you a generic solution it presents to every client. It will sit down with you to discuss your needs, check out your house design, your backyard space, etc., to present you with a unique model.

Looking for a Custom New Deck for Your Backyard in Branchburg, New Jersey?

If you are looking for a deck builder in Branchburg, New Jersey, look for a company that can create you a custom deck for your backyard, something unique that will enhance the value of your property while giving you the space to do all activities you want to do when hosting friends and family.

When shopping around for deck builders, it is important to remember that not everyone has the skills and experience to give you a custom deck matching your needs and the style of your house. Unlike a generic solution, a custom deck will enhance the value of your property. In such a case, a custom deck is not an expense but an investment.

Among all builders serving Branchburg, New Jersey, you will find Deck Guardian, an experienced deck company with a vast experience in creating custom solutions, from the design to the installation.

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Deck Guardian

Our most popular types of outdoor projects in Branchburg

When looking for a builder in Branchburg, it is important to see the variety of things they can do for you. Are they just presenting you with a catalog selection or are they showing you their past realizations with unique designs created specifically for one client?

Build your dream deck

If you go for a custom solution, you could have a deck designed for you, or you could opt for something else to fill up your empty backyard. After discussion with our pros, some of our clients opted for porches, because that was the best for them.

When you are creating your deck or other installation from scratch, you can choose your materials (wood or composite, for example) and the colors. A composite deck is a great long-lasting solution that requires little to no maintenance. When shopping from a catalog, you do not have that flexibility.

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Deck Guardian

We Love What We Do and You Will Too!

Unlike a deck contractor who does decks, among other construction tasks, a genuine deck builder is completely dedicated to decks, so they fully master all skills related to building structures for your backyard. They thus understand all the potential issues, and how to avoid them, to deliver you the deck of your dreams.

A Deck builder you can trust

Deck Guardian is proud to be a genuine and complete one-stop shop for all your deck-related needs. We are specialized in decks. We design them for you, considering all your specificities and preferences. We build them. We install them. We love them!

What we love most about our work is how we transform the backyard of our clients. Doing so, we also transform their life since they can now fully enjoy time hosting friends and family in a setting that is perfect for their needs. See for yourself hundreds of positive reviews left by our satisfied customers on Google.

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Deck Guardian

Contact Us Today to Get Started on Your Deck Project

Contact Deck Guardian, a genuine professional deck builder in Branchburg, New Jersey, to discuss your desires and let us start the creation of your dream deck. We will discuss what kind of activities you want to have in your backyard (BBQ alone or a full-blown outdoor kitchen, a dining table, a living area, a fireplace, connect to a pool or a jacuzzi, etc.). No two homeowners wish to do the exact same things in their backyard when they are entertaining guests.

It is thus important for a builder to listen to your needs to recommend you a solution that matches the activities you want to do. It is also important to consider the land of your backyard, especially if it is not an all-flat surface.

Then comes the look part. Do you want it to be all on one level or do you want to have a multi-level deck creating different zones for every activity? Which design and materials would be a better match for your house? Which colors would complement the ones of your house? And so on.


As you can see, there are many factors that you should keep in mind when talking to deck builders. Not all builders are full-featured deck builders like Deck Guardian is.

If you want a deck builder who really understands your situation and your desires, someone who will be ready to think outside the box (and catalogs) to place your dream deck in your backyard, then entrust this only to deck specialists.

Deck Guardian has built hundreds of new decks, and pavilions to give life to a sad backyard. Will you be our next satisfied customer?

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