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There are a lot of home improvement catalogs that you can find online. Perhaps you saw the image of an elegantly constructed deck and considered getting one for your own house. There are a lot of factors to consider when you install a deck for your home, but luckily you don’t have to do it alone. Allow us to guide you through the deck installation process by introducing you to the best deck builder near Boonton, NJ.

Deck Guardian is a Boonton deck builder that has worked on many deck installation projects across the New Jersey area. We are familiar with all the aspects of deck installations and have even developed our own techniques to ensure that you experience a stress-free deck installation process.

Looking for a Boonton Deck Building Company?

There are a lot of options for deck builder near Boonton. The endless listings and descriptions will make you question what exactly you should consider in the selection of your Boonton deck builder.

Our Boonton deck company operates by working with you to get all the fine details on what you want for your dream deck installation. Deck Guardian saves you from the headache of construction details and logistics by using those details to curate a project proposal. Once you agree to our proposal, Deck Guardian will immediately get to work on your deck installation.

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Deck Guardian

Why use our Boonton Decking Services?

Deck Guardian stands out as a Boonton deck contractor because we fully take your best interests into account in every action that we do. Deck Guardian is committed to giving you the best experience during the entire installation process. We will constantly consult and update you about the status of the project. Deck Guardian doesn’t stop there. Our team coverers all possible bases, from material quality to longevity of the deck, to ensure that you will not have any issues with our installations.

It is for these reasons that our former clients are comfortable recommending Deck Guardian as a Boonton deck builder to their family and friends.

What Type of Decks can Deck Guardian build in Boonton?

Deck Guardian is an experienced Boonton deck contactor with years of experience behind us. We are well versed in all the possible deck types that a client may request from us. If you’re curious to learn about the different types of decks that we offer, then you can check out the list that we made down below.

Attached Deck

This is a popularly demanded deck type due to its simple yet sturdy design. It also has room for additional customizations to ensure that it fits your preferences.

  • It is usually utilized for houses that are L-shaped and U-shaped.
  • It is installed by building a deck at the back of your home.
  • It can also expand a pre-existing room by extending its usable space.
  • It can be elevated or placed on the ground.

Multi-Tier Deck

Multi-tier decks are used for properties that are situated nearby uneven topography, such as hillsides and inclines.

  • Series of standalone decks with a pathway connecting to and from them.
  • It gives you a usable level of space across changing elevations.

Wraparound Deck

True to their name, wraparound decks are made to fit around the shape of the property.

  • The deck itself elevated to some degree off the ground.
  • It is wrapped around the property and can connect across multiple rooms.

Detached Deck

Detached decks are made to be able to stand on its own. It does not need a nearby structure to anchor itself on.

  • It does not require the traditional beams and posts used in other decks.
  • Can be placed on any type of terrain.
  • Can be used as a pathway between structures.

Pool Deck

Pool decks are a must-have for homeowners that already own a pool area. It gives swimmers a place to relax in between swimming sessions.

  • It is made with slip-proof materials like wood.
  • A good substitute for stone or concrete platforms is due to the material’s anti-heat absorption quality.
  • Can be raised or at ground level.

Deck, Deck Resurfacing, Porches – near you in Boonton

Any sort of deck installation process requires a detailed project and logistical plan. By hiring a deck builder near Boonton like Deck Builder, you can avoid those unnecessary inconveniences. Deck Guardian is dedicated to giving you a deck installation that you can be satisfied with. We operate under your schedule and can work on weekends and holidays.

If you already have a deck installation and are planning to replace it, our team of Boonton deck builders can provide you with an economical alternative. If Deck Guardian finds that the overall structural condition of your is still in good shape, then we can offer you our deck resurfacing services. Deck guardian will then perform all the necessary repairs needed to keep your deck in tip-top shape.

Our Boonton deck company also extends its services to porch construction. Deck Guardian can design you a stylish porch that can stand the test of time. We understand that having a construction team at the front of your home can be troublesome. It is for this reason that our Boonton deck company has a professional team that does their best to keep any inconvenience as far away as possible from your family.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian: Leading Deck Builder and Contactor in Boonton

Deck Guardian is a deck builder near Boonton that provides quality customer service and deck installations. The only things that you need to do are tell us the details of your dream installation, and Deck Guardian will do our best to make it happen. We take on all the hassle of planning, scheduling, and constructing, so you don’t have to.  In addition, Deck Guardian will be in contact with you to update you on the project’s status and go over any concerns that you may have.

Find out more about our dedicated team of Boonton deck builders by contacting us by phone or through our website. Get a free quote from us by heading down to our website and answering the free quotation form. Pick the best Boonton deck contractor, pick Deck Guardian, and get started on your dream deck installation now!


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