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If you are reading this page, chances are you are looking for a deck builder in Berkeley Heights, or its immediate surroundings. You probably arrived here telling yourself, “Is this another general contractor from the area offering deck services among all his other home improvement construction services?”

Well, we are not one of those general companies claiming to be deck builders in Berkeley Heights area. We are a professional and specialized building company dedicated to improve your backyard by designing, building, and installing custom porches.

Yes, that is right, we are designers too, so we can create the structure of your dreams from scratch or by fully customizing any of our past realizations to your needs and preferences.
Having a custom deck makes all the difference, and we will explore that below, as to why Deck Guardian is the best partner for your brand-new installation in your backyard.

Finding the Right Deck Builder in Berkeley Heights

It is hard sometimes to find the proper company to partner with in order to realize your dream. The construction of your perfect deck is no different. That is why you need to ask yourself if you are looking for just a general contractor who will simply install you a prefabricated model found in a catalog, with limited customization options, or if you are looking for a real deck builder with all the services, including the design of your deck.

Professionals you can trust

Yes, it is possible to have your deck perfectly customized to your needs and preferences in Berkeley Heights. All you need is to find the right partner, and this partner is Deck Guardian. We have the experience of creating hundreds of custom decks for many happy and satisfied customers throughout the State of New Jersey.

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Deck Guardian

Advantages of a Custom Deck

Having a deck in your backyard allows you to host family and friends in a pleasant environment to enjoy time together during the warm season in Berkeley Heights. However, if your deck is not adapted to your needs, you will not be able to fully enjoy the time spent outdoors. You need to have a deck that is large enough to accommodate all the guests you normally have, and maybe a bit more for very special occasions.

Your deck must be adapted to your needs in terms of activities. For example, do you have all the configuration you need around your BBQ grill to be able to cook efficiently? Do you have easy access in/out of your house to the deck, or do you have stairs that pose risks? Do you have a shaded area to enjoy the warm season without being burned away by the sun? Do you have a pool in your yard, with access from your deck? Does your deck have a seating section and a dining section to properly host your friends and family? Is your deck easy to maintain, as it is the case for a composite deck?

These are all questions you should address when talking to deck builders in Berkeley Heights, and ask what they can do to really optimize the use of your backyard according to your wishes.

A fully customized deck will enable you to fully use your deck the way you want it. That might very well differ from your neighbour’s uses, or it might evolve with time (like when your children leave the familial residence). That is why it is important to sit down and really discuss that with professionals.

Having a deck designed according to your needs and wishes will allow you to do all the activities you have in mind, and more. Plus, since the deck is fully customized, the design of the deck could be done to mirror, or at least be in harmony with, the design of your house. The same goes for the colors, of course. That way, you will have a deck that is not only optimal for your use but also perfect to complement your house and increase its value.

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Deck Guardian

Why Choose Deck Guardian?

We offer you a wide range of professional services, going from designing a brand-new, customized deck from scratch to resurfacing your current deck that needs to be refreshed. We are a true deck builder, unlike so many so-called deck builders behind who is hiding just a general contractor.
We are proud to have a vast experience accumulated through the realization of hundreds of works for clients over the years, including many in Berkeley Heights. We are fully covered by insurance companies of all kinds to ensure your new deck project goes smoothly, and we are providing you upfront with a definitive quote that will remain unchanged until the work is completed.

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Deck Guardian

Last Word

If you are looking for a reliable and professional deck builder in Berkeley Heights, look no further than Deck Guardian. We are proud to have transformed the backyard and lives of hundreds of happy customers throughout the State.

We are offering our clients a full service, from the design to the installation, in Berkeley Heights. As a full-featured deck builder, we offer you customized solutions for your backyard. We can design, build and install decks and porches to bring your backyard to life and allow you to properly receive friends and family for various gatherings.

Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we will provide you with a free detailed quote, with absolutely no obligation to you.

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