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If you are a homeowner and are looking for a deck builder in Basking Ridge, you are most likely someone who would like to enjoy more time outdoors hosting friends and family in a cozy and practical environment set up in your backyard. If you are looking at your backyard now, maybe it is virtually empty, and you would like to occupy this space, or maybe it already has a deck that is getting old.

In both situations, you want to look for deck building professionals able to either build you a new deck or resurface your current one to give it a new look. Maybe even a mix of both, like refreshing your current deck, and also expanding it to give you more possibilities.

If you look at the various businesses operating in Basking Ridge area, you might wonder which one is the best to assist you in your project, and what differentiates them. Let us explore the subject.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Builders in Basking Ridge

Among the many companies claiming to be deck builders in the Basking Ridge area, you have to take the time to sort out who is a real deck building company that will be there to assist you from A to Z in your backyard improvement process, and who is only a mere deck installation service for a prefabricated model from a catalog.
So, the first question to ask yourself is, “What is really a deck builder?” A genuine deck builder in Basking Ridge will provide you not only the installation of a prefabricated model from a catalog, but will also help you design and customize the deck to your needs and preferences. A company dedicated only to everything related to decks will be able to give you sound advice and guide you through the entire process.

What Should You Be Looking For?

You should look for real deck builders, not just a general contractor offering you to browse through catalogs. A real deck builder serving the Basking Ridge area will be able to sit down with you and see what your needs are. You will be asked questions like “What kinds of uses do you intend to do with your deck?”, “How many people are you generally hosting?”, “Do you already have an idea of what you are looking for?” and so many more. Not just “What is your budget?”

A professional deck builder in the Basking Ridge area will also be able to create a custom solution for you, with a unique design matching your specific needs and preferences. The look and colors of your deck will be in harmony with the design of your house, increasing its value, not just a generic structure slammed against your house. Ready-made decks come in a very limited number of options, while you could have a perfect match when dealing with professionals.

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Deck Guardian

Advantages of the Deck Guardian Team

Among the various companies you could choose, there is a genuine deck builder in Basking Ridge, who is proud to have served your local community for many years already: Deck Guardian. We are a team of professionals who are obsessed with decks and who are dedicated to helping our clients to get the backyard of their dreams, through new decks or porches.

How we make the difference

What differentiates us from most other companies serving Basking Ridge is that we are really a deck builder. That means that we are not simply installing standard, boring-looking decks from catalogs, we create a custom deck just for you. Having a custom deck design will greatly enhance the value of your property, and it is the best way to get a Basking Ridge deck that will make you stand out from your neighbours.

Unlike other companies pretending to be deck builders, we will take a good look at your needs, at the space you have, at the design and colors of your house, as well as any other structure you may have in your backyard, to come up with the perfect design for you.

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Deck Guardian

Customize your material

Depending on your uses and your preferences, we will design you a wood deck or a composite deck; that will be determined together during the creation process of your dream deck. Both materials are excellent choices and have their own virtues, but based on the evaluation of your needs, we will be able to recommend to you the warmth of the natural wood or the easy-to-maintain composite material.

Deck Guardian can help you design, build and install the deck of your dreams, accompanying you every step of the way, to make sure you can fully use your backyard with friends and family.


When you are looking for a contractor serving the Basking Ridge area for your new deck, do not settle for just a general contractor, doing decks now and then. Trust only a professional company that does decks all the time, in all forms. After all, the deck of your dreams is a serious matter that should not be left in the hands of mere assemblers of generic decks anyone could buy.

Deck Guardian has been proudly serving the Basking Ridge area for many years already. Chances are that some of our decks have already transformed the backyard of neighbors you know. Contact us today to discuss your dream deck, and we will make it a reality, so you can proudly host friends and family soon to enjoy the warm season. You and your house deserve nothing less than professional perfection.

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