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Not every Annandale deck builder understands the importance of architectural design. It is an integral part of any deck-building project since it represents the functionality and aestheticism of the installation. And when it comes to deck designs, Deck Guardian knows how to tread the fine line between too much and too little. We make sure that every design detail will only add to your day-to-day enjoyment of your deck and will never look too overbearing.

Deck Guardian is not an ordinary Annandale deck contractor. We know that our customers want the most efficient and seamless deck installation for their homes. Deck Guardian uses your vision to create an ideal deck that matches your aesthetic. We do our absolute best to build you the deck of your dreams.

Looking for an Annandale Deck Building Company?

We spend a major amount of our lives inside our home, so it’s only natural for you to think about upgrading it with new installations. But finding the right deck builder near Annandale, New Jersey, can be a challenge. There’s always a risk of getting an absurdly high quote or having an inconsistent line of communication with them.

Deck Guardian is a premiere Annandale deck company that has the instinct for excellent design. With us, you no longer have to worry about a contractor installing a generic deck that may or may not match the style of your home. We balance both the technical and the personal aspects of deck building to bring you nothing but the best. Boost your home life by letting Deck Guardian construct the perfect deck for your space.

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Deck Guardian

Why use our Annandale Decking Services?

Deck Guardian is completely aware of the significance that a deck design might have on your homelife.

You should never settle for an Annandale deck contractor that does the bare minimum when it comes to building your deck. The architecture of your home can spell the difference between a fulfilling home life and that of a dissatisfying one. And getting well-created installations can positively impact the well-being of you and your family.

That’s why Deck Guardian, as an Annandale deck builder, stands by our principles with each new deck that we install for all of our clients in the New Jersey area. Deck Guardian is always thinking of ways to make improve our deck designs that will increase the quality of your home.

What Type of Decks can Deck Guardian build in Annandale?

Deck Guardian understands that our deck installations should always be of use to our customers. Our professional Annandale deck company aspires to give our customers multiple ways and choices on how they can use and design our decks. We provide you with stylish and versatile decks that can adjust to the needs of your lifestyle.

Attached Deck

Simplicity is key when it comes to the attached deck.

It is physically connected to a particular side of your house, usually the wall that faces the backyard. It includes protective railings and stairs that connect to your outdoor area. The simple but adaptable nature of attached decks makes it the perfect option for those with a minimalistic house design.

Multi-Tier Deck

Multi-tier decks boast elegant designs that are sure to make your home the talk of the town.

It is a deck composed of several layers that are set at varying heights. It takes advantage of sloped ground to give the illusion of a deck with multiple floor levels. Each layer can have its specific setup and usage. For example, the lowest level is used for a fire-pit and barbecue set-up while the higher levels are reserved for dining.

Wraparound Deck

A wraparound deck goes around the walls of your home to provide you with extra floor space.

The unique placement of wraparound decks gives homeowners an interrupted view of their property’s landscape. It is an especially excellent option for homes that are surrounded by jaw-dropping nature and other unique sights.

Detached Deck

If you admire the properties that sport different “island” structures, then detached decks are the perfect option for you.

It is a freestanding deck that can be located anywhere on the property’s landscape. It is usually a low deck placed near gardens or water-based installations such as a pond. The privacy provided by detached decks sets a cozy location that you and your loved ones can spend time in.

Pool Deck

Pool decks are the perfect installation for homeowners that are looking to upgrade their pool area.

These are specifically built by the perimeter of the pool, acting as an additional area wherein swimmers can safely tread around on. Pool decks are made with materials that prioritize the safety and comfort of swimmers. It is particularly useful for ensuring the safety of active children that tend to act rowdily around the pool.

Deck, Deck Resurfacing, Porches – near you in Annandale

Deck Guardian is a deck builder near Annandale that goes above and beyond for each customer. We believe in the saying that the homes we grow up in shape the person we grow into. The decks and porches that we build will meet the needs of you and your family. Deck Guardian puts your safety first by installing new decks that are structurally designed to withstand constant usage and last the test of time.

However, unlike the typical Annandale deck contractor, we are not just concerned with the durability and practicality of your new deck. We also consider how the design of your new deck will fit into the architecture of your home. For example, it wouldn’t do justice for an elegantly styled house to have a simple deck and/or porch, nor would a minimalist home match well with a flashy one. Deck Guardian puts the overall structure of your home at the forefront when considering the design of your custom deck.

In addition to our services as an Annandale deck builder, our expertise in deck building has given us the opportunity to provide homeowners around New Jersey with deck refurbishing services. Deck Guardian can update and improve the structural integrity of your current deck to ensure that it is in line with the latest building safety regulations.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian: Top Deck Builder and Contactor in Annandale

No Annandale deck company recognizes the importance of deck design better than Deck Guardian. We know how crucial the initial planning and designing phase is for a deck installation. This is because a new deck must be able to adjust and fit on the house it is built upon.

If there is still doubt in your hearts about what the best deck builder near Annandale can do for your home, then we encourage you to check out the collection of decks that we have built for our customers in New Jersey. We can assure you that each one has been built with nothing but the best-suited materials and constructed with the best deck installation methods available.

In fact, you can get a free quote from us when you answer the free quotation form on our website. There’s no need to settle for second best, not when Deck Guardian is around to provide you with top-quality decks. So, choose the best Annandale deck builder to get a custom deck for your family today!

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