What type of porch should I get?

Do you want to spend more time outside, but hate dealing with bugs and insects? Do you want to enjoy the warmth of the summer months without dealing with the harsh sun? A screened porch may be the answer to your problems.

DECK GUARDIAN is a screened porch BUILDER with years of experience designing and constructing screened porches. We understand your desire to be comfortable outdoors and we have the expertise to help you fulfill it.


Why a Screened Porch?

Screened porches offer the enjoyment of the outdoors without its nuisances. They can make being in your backyard a much more delightful experience. There are numerous benefits associated with screened porches that make it an excellent choice for homeowners.

Protection from the Weather

porch_deckThe roof of a screened in porch can provide a number of functions that help to enhance the outdoor experience. During the hotter months of the year, the sun can become both a danger and a nuisance. The roof will provide the shade to protect its occupants from the harmful rays of the sun and prevent them from getting sunburn or just burnt out. Nature is much more comfortable when you are not dealing with direct, intense sunlight.

In addition, the roof will also provide protection from precipitation. Do you enjoy listening to the rain fall during a storm? A lot of people do, but almost nobody likes to get rained on. In a screened porch, you are protected from rain but are still able to enjoy their sights and sounds. It can create quite the immersive experience and allow you to fully appreciate the beauty of nature.

Bug Proof

How many times have you spent hours outside and then woke up the next day covered in bug bites? If you have a screened porch, this is no longer a concern. Screens are made from a fine mesh with holes small enough to keep mosquitoes, bees, and other annoying bugs out. You can sit outside listening to the buzzing and chirping without falling victim to these insect attacks. Get the experience of nature without the repercussions.

Aesthetic Upgrade

Not only do screened porches provide useful functions, but they add to the beauty of your property. Screened porches can be customized to display a variety of styles and can complement other additions to your home. They can also be used for decorating during the holidays.

Up Your Value

All of the above benefits provide an additional benefit, they add to the value of your home. Potential buyers like the idea of buying a home with a screened porch, because they know it is something they will likely use and are glad that they won’t have to build it themselves.


Improved Outdoor Experience

Best of all, screened porches help you to enjoy nature. Having only a mesh barrier between you and the outdoors lets you feel like your actually in it, but saves you from its negative aspects. You can watch as animals run through your yard or as rain bounces off the grass. It can be a very engaging or relaxing experience that the entire family can enjoy.

If you want to truly enjoy nature but avoid all the unsavory things that go with it, consider getting a screened porch installed on your property. DECK GUARDIAN is a professional porch builder with the means, vision, and ability to design and build a gorgeous screened porch for you and your family. Contact us today for more information.