What type of fence should I get?


Have you ever noticed how small children and pets seem to magically disappear the second you turn your back? Or how your backyard seems to be the neighborhood shortcut and dog park. Relaxing out back should not be a hassle, so don’t put that fence project off any longer. A well built fence can give you some security, privacy and a little help keeping the new family pet from running off into the street. However, there are many fences for many situations, so which fence do you choose?

DECK GUARDIAN Outdoor living creators can install fences for your yard. No matter the style or length of the fence, we can get the job done right so you can enjoy your yard the way you want to.

Picking the right type of fence depends on its intended purpose, your style, and your yard. Certain fences are better for adding privacy, while others are more decorative and more appealing to the eye.

Below are some of the different types and styles of fencing:


Vinyl Fencing

vinyl_privacy_fencingYet another type of fencing available is vinyl fencing, or fencing made from synthetic plastics. Benefits of vinyl fences include:

Vinyl is an extremely strong material that can withstand a great deal more impact than traditional wood fences.
Vinyl is also extremely flexible. If you are in an area with a lot of wind, vinyl fences can tolerate strong weather without warping, cracking, or breaking.
Low Maintenance.
The only maintenance you’ll need to perform on a vinyl fence is basic cleaning with soap and water. There is also no need to repaint as vinyl color does not fade or change.
Vinyl is non-toxic and is also recyclable. The process to make vinyl is also better for the environment than other fencing materials.
Less Expensive.
Vinyl fencing is much lower cost to produce, so its end price is much lower. Additionally, owners save on maintenance costs like repainting and termite treatment.


Wood Fences

Timeless and traditional, wood fence remains one of our most popular type with today’s homeowners.Deck Guardian installs wood fencing primarily made of Pressure Treated Timber to protect them against termites and root.Transform your yard into an extension of your living space with a traditional preserved wood fence. A quality fence installed by Deck Guardian can dramatically increase both the aesthetic nature and property value of your home!

Wood Fence Styles

Board on Board
Is not a full privacy style fence-there is a view through the fence when viewed on an angle, this style shares similar look on both sides of the Fence runners therefore keeping the same overall appearance.Cap board, lattice top, arch or dip and a variety of fence posts and cap are optional with this fence.


Board and Batten
Is a durable fence option that is stick built and well-suited for steep grades. Enhance the standard fence appearance by adding a lattice top, arch or dip. In addition, upgrades to the standard post style can further enhance the fence’s overall appearance.


A stockade privacy fence may be an ideal choice if you live in a densely populated area, near a busy road or highway, or close to businesses and industrial centers. If you own a swimming pool, enjoy sunbathing in your yard or have an outdoor hot tub you’ll enjoy the seclusion that these fences offer.


Spaced Board
fencing shares a similar look to a traditional picket fence without a picket top. All spaced board fences are constructed with a flat edge board. If you are looking to add a warming look to your yard, we offer a wide selection of space board fencing products that can be custom designed to fit your needs and compliment the style of your home.


Traditional picket fencing is visually appealing, but also offers security for pets and children. If you are looking to add charm and beauty to your yard, we offer a wide selection of picket fence products that can be custom designed to fit your needs and compliment the style of your home.

Vertical Board
in this particular style of fencing the boards that comprise the fence section are placed adjacent to each other, but given that all lumber shrinks, some space will develop between the vertical boards over time, hence it is considered to be virtually private. Not only will a vertical board fence add value to your home but it will also create a safe, private environment for your family to enjoy. Vertical board fencing is a durable fence option that is stick built and well-suited for steep grades. Enhance the appearance with a cap board, lattice top, arch or dip. In addition, there are a variety of fence post and cap options available to further enhance the look of your fence.


Aluminum Fencing

aluminum_fencingAluminum is a fairly common choice for a fencing material. Benefits include:

Low Cost.
Aluminum fences have the appearance of wrought iron, without the price.
Doesn’t Rust.
As opposed to iron, aluminum does not rust. This translates to a much longer lifespan.
Matches Easily.
Aluminum fencing can easily match any type of landscape. Black fencing is especially good at blending in.
Low Maintenance.
Aluminum does not require painting and comes with multiple protective coatings. These coatings protect it from the elements making it last longer without routine maintenance.
Aluminum fences are stronger than wood and can withstand intentional damage much easier. They can also be topped with spears to make scaling more difficult.


Brands We Use:

ideal_aluminum Durability and unrivaled strength for a residential grade aluminum fence.
fortress Diverse product offerings, superior quality manufacturing
shoreline Professional grade, low-maintenance PVC products.

Upgrade Your Home

Not only do fences protect your property and maintain your privacy, but they also make your yard better looking. Ornamental fences have interesting conceptual designs that seperate them from typical wood post fences. They can add the perfect accent to top off any landscaping project.

DECK GUARDIAN Outdoor living creators is a premier fencing installation company. Our experienced professionals will make the proper measurements, evaluations, and determinations to make sure that you get the best possible fence for your home.