Top 3 Advantages of Composite Decking

Composite decking has become popular in homes and commercial buildings over the past few years, because of its unique properties over other types of material used on decks. Several features define an ideal deck design, but the actual deck materials dictate the overall style. Composite decking is a premium product that offers an attractive and stylish finish, and requires low maintenance. Homeowners prefer spending some of their time in outdoor living spaces, where they can sit back and relax or have fun. Composite decking is made from an eco-friendly material, making it ideal for an existing or a new home project.

Here are the top 3 benefits of composite decking:

1. It is Durable

A poor decking material can weather easily when subjected to blistering heat and harsh weather conditions. This causes the deck to warp and fade over time, making it unattractive. Composite decking has the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and requires little maintenance because of its high resistance to mold. Furthermore, it is strong enough to show any signs of splintering, splitting, or rotting. This allows it to last much longer and it is suited perfectly to environmental impacts. The reason why it cannot disintegrate or crack when exposed to the sun is that it is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Composite decking is designed to offer maximum durability, and the fact that it is splinter-free and insect-proof makes it safer and more comfortable for families with children and pets. They do not need to be treated, painted or stained because the pressure-treated wood decks require occasional maintenance. Unlike regular woods that split as they dry over time, composite products maintain a beautiful and consistent appearance all-year round because of their resistance to environmental elements.

2. It is Flexible

Composite decks are made available in different colors and textures, providing you with a wide variety to choose from. Various composite colored boards can be combined in one deck project to create a multi-colored outdoor living space. If you want to achieve a dramatic look, you can blend the darker tones with lightly colored deck boards. It is also possible for a contractor to add beautiful patterns into the design of your composite deck. This makes it highly flexible in terms of color. The color of a composite deck does not require refinishing because it can last for a very long time. Furthermore, it is visually appealing and matches the color of exotic hardwood or traditional timber.

Most of the composite wood decks come with a picket railing that is quite similar to wood railings. This makes it a great feature due to the durability, sturdiness, and longevity of composite wood products. In addition to the railings, you can use composite products to create elaborate landing and stair designs. The rough edges can be covered using trim boards to prevent anyone from being trapped on the sharp edges or wood slivers. This makes composite wood decks highly flexible in terms of functionality.

3. It offers High Value and Sustainability

The cost of composite decks is usually higher when you consider the initial investment and labor needed to put up the structure. However, a composite deck increases the value of a home when selling a property because of its aesthetic value. This gives you a competitive advantage when you want to recover your initial investment and other maintenance costs you might have incurred over the years.

The most interesting part about composite decks is that they are sustainable. Composite decking integrates the appearance and texture of wood without the environmental impact. Recycled materials such plastic from newspaper sleeves, shopping bags, and other common materials are used to make composite decking. This also includes reclaimed industrial wood scraps, which offer high sustainability. Most people would prefer buying a home with composite decking rather than decks that made using other types of wood.

Why you should consider Composite Decking

Composite decking offers much functionality since a homeowner can stain the surfaces according to their preferences. Generally, composite decks are less expensive compared to other types of decking such as PVC. If you have always admired the look and feel of wood, you should have no troubles with composite decks, as they appear just like wood. Anyone may think of it as a natural wood when seeing it for the first time.

Its resistance to rot, insects, and harsh weather makes composite decking a viable option when it comes to building a modern home. When making a choice on what type of decking is the best, you can always choose between plastic, wood or composite. However, composite decking offers unique benefits compared to other decking materials, making it a great investment to a homeowner. Furthermore, composite decks do last for a very long time because of all the mixed materials used in their composition.

Hallow vs. Solid composite decking

Although composite decks provide many benefits compared to other types of decking, it is also important to know about the different types of composite decking. Hollow composite decking is made with a lightweight honeycomb construction. They are easy to clean, and the spaced grooves provide an anti-slip walking surface. On the other hand, solid composite decking is often used on decks that are subjected to larger or heavier loads. These decks are usually meant for commercial applications because they require very little maintenance and are easy to clean.

If you are thinking of installing a new deck or renovating an existing deck, you will find composite decking to be a great alternative in terms of appearance and durability. Although the initial cost might be expensive to a homeowner, it is worth the investment because a composite decking increases the value of a home. It is also long lasting because of its durable properties and resistance to mold, insects, and harsh weather. It also comes in different designs and patterns to blend with your home décor and add aesthetic beauty to your outdoor living spaces. These are some good reasons why you should consider using composite decking in your next project.