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Over time, wood decks inevitably show signs of aging such as warping, rooting,cracking and nail pops.

If your deck is old, shabby and a maintenance nightmare, you don’t have to tear it all down and start over. If the size of the old deck is good for your family needs and you are happy with the design you can simply resurface it with new decking and railings saving yourself the cost of a complete rebuild. But before you can resurface your deck you need to have the old deck foundation inspected by an deck expert to ensure its safe and strong enough to last you for another 25-30 years. Most likely the structural parts are still in great shape since a deck frame is estimated to have a lifespan of 50-60 years. Most of the decks that are elevated from the ground tend to last longer since there is enough ventilation underneath to keep the framing from rooting witch it’s the biggest enemy of a deck. If the deck it’s low to the ground chances are that there may be some damage that will need to be addressed before you can install new flooring and railings. From case to case some decks have to be completely torn down and rebuild if the old foundation it’s unsalvageable .

Isn’t it time to scrap that warped, splintery, faded wood? Resurface it with Deck Guardian’s Ultimate System and enjoy the benefits of a new-long-lasting outdoor beauty for decades to come.
After all, your time outdoors shouldn’t be spent sanding and staining- is should be spend sitting on your deck and enjoying the view.

Here are some of benefits of having your deck resurfaced by Deck Guardian:

  • Safety inspection of the old deck framing to ensure substructure is safe and sound
  • Excellent workmanship and customer service
  • Upgrading all framing and framing hardware to code requirements
  • Multiple materials options for decking and railings
  • Low-Maintenance decking and railings available for any budget
  • Composite Decking available that come with (25-30) years warranty against split, rot, termites, decay
  • After resurfacing is completed your deck will be compliant with current building code
  • With the makeover complete your deck and railings will look great and be ready for years of enjoyment
  • Warranties available

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