New Outdoor Deck: have you considered these useful features?

The cost to build a deck remains low enough for this project to be very popular amongst homeowners. People are constantly looking for home renovation projects that make a big difference without breaking the bank – and backyard decks fit the bill perfectly.

Many people, however, never consider anything other than the most basic design for their deck. A simple platform in a square shape may be the only type of outdoor deck they consider. Of course, a really simple deck and still be a very useful and attractive one – but the fact is, there are a ton of modern features and amenities that you should at least consider before deciding on the final design for your backyard deck.

1. A built-in fire pit

When the weather is warm and the moon is up, what better way to enjoy a summer night than sitting around a fire? There’s no reason to trample into the wet grass to make this happen – you can just as easily accomplish a cozy campfire on your deck. Many decks are now being designed with built-in fire pits, and people love them. But safety always comes first, and it’s important to design your built-in fire pit with that in mind.

2. Built-in seating

One thing people often shy away from when designing their outdoor deck is outdoor seating. Obviously, people like flexibility, and if the furniture isn’t working, they can always change the configuration or buy new chairs and tables. However, it’s worthwhile to take a close look at some of the seating options that have been built-in to various outdoor decks. The results can be simple, pleasing to the eye, and very practical!

3. A Jacuzzi

Also known as a whirlpool, hot tub or spa, the Jacuzzi is a very popular addition to outdoor decks. Some people choose to sit the Jacuzzi on top of their outdoor deck, and this can work fine – but it just isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing solution. If you’re going to buy a standard sized hot tub, you might talk to your outdoor deck contractor about building the hot tub directly into the deck. This can give you a truly integrated and pleasing aesthetic – plus you have easier access to deep relaxation!

4. Multiple tiers

Why make your deck perfectly flat when you can have multiple tiers? Obviously, this design features only works well when there is ample space – but a well-built deck with multiple tiers is truly a thing of beauty. Many people choose multiple tiers in order to create separate areas for different uses, such having a tier for lounging, one for entertaining, and one for exercising.

5. Composite decking

We’ve been talking about various design features that can take your deck to the next level; but we haven’t yet talked about the material itself. Composite has taken the outdoor decking world by storm, offering a semi-synthetic alternative to natural wood. By choosing composite, you eliminate most maintenance requirements and set yourself up for a long-lasting deck. There are good reasons why so many homeowners are going this route!

Research qualified outdoor deck companies in your area to find out what features and amenities are available to you!