How to Know if Your Backyard Deck is Suitable for Resurfacing

Deck resurfacing has certainly been getting a lot of attention in the home renovation world, and there are great reasons for this. In the past, if you wanted to have a brand new look and feel for your outdoor deck, you had to start from scratch and actually build a brand new deck from the ground up. This process may also have included tearing down and disposing an old or decrepit deck that no longer served any purpose – in which case the time and cost involved would climb even higher.

But now there is another option. If the support structure that holds up your old deck is still in good shape, it’s possible to strip all the surface materials (including stairs and railings) and resurface the deck. The whole enterprise becomes a whole lot more economical when you can re-use the existing support structure – and the final appearance of the deck will be brand new.

This does not mean, obviously, that a deck resurfacing company can simply come over to your house, strip the surface off of your deck, and start the project immediately. It would be reckless to put new surfaces on old support structures without making absolute certain that those old support structures are safe and suitable to have their lives extended with a brand new surface.

The first thing a deck resurfacing contractor will do when they start inspecting your backyard deck is start looking at the integrity of the frame and support structure. These have to be assessed very thoroughly if an accurate determination is to be made as to whether or not deck resurfacing is an option. To cut corners at this stage in the process would be to comprise the safety standards of the structure itself, and this simply cannot be done. The homeowner is building or resurfacing an outdoor deck in order to enjoy it, to entertain, maybe even to do yoga or other exercises. Above all else, it has to be determined that the structure is very strong and safe; that the materials are in excellent condition; that the connectors and fasteners are all fully functional and up-to-date. There are often situations in which minor repairs and upgrades are necessary before deck resurfacing can continue – but part of the contractor’s job is to make absolute certain that resurfacing is a safe and viable option. Otherwise, demolition and starting fresh is the only way forward.

Selecting a deck resurfacing contractor can be a challenge in itself. Given the surging popularity of resurfaced outdoor decks, there are suddenly a lot of different contractors to choose from. From a common sense point of view, you’d want to find a company who has been experienced in building and repairing backyard decks for years before resurfacing (especially with the advent of composite materials that last longer and require less maintenance) was ever a booming industry. At the same time, you want to look for companies who have been resurfacing decks since the beginning and have a thorough understanding of all aspects of deck building.