How Do I Make my Deck More Private?

If you live in homes that are built close together or next to the road, you will find it difficult to relax in your backyard deck without interference from the neighborhood or pass by traffic. If you feel like your privacy is a little bit compromised, you can add a cover to your deck by implementing a few tricks.

Once you get some privacy, you can enjoy spending time in the outdoors without people peeping in your backyard or hearing loud noises from passers-by. In this article, we will be looking at different ways you can make your deck more private.

1. Privacy Screens

This type of shade can be moved around the yard and it is less permanent than a fence. Outdoor privacy screens add privacy without the need of fencing the entire backyard. One of the greatest benefits is that they are highly flexible and they can be bought in any material.

2. A Pergola

Another great way to create shade around your deck is by installing a pergola. It makes space feel cozier and also increases your home value. In order to keep your deck more private, you can enhance the pergola using light fixtures, planters, and hanging baskets.

3. Privacy Curtains

These type of curtains are just like your windows at home but are made out of outdoor fabric. They offer more shade and privacy just when you need it. Outdoor curtains are an attractive way of creating some little private retreat. They are affordable and simple to use as they are designed to withstand the elements. Not only do they make your deck more private but also provides protection from the sun. It is always important to select high-quality materials to ensure that the fabric doesn’t fade in the sun.

4. Plant Trees

It is also possible to create a soft, leafy curtain around your deck without consuming a lot of space in the backyard. Select different types of trees to add interest and drama. Crabapples provide springtime blooms while Amur maple offers bold fall colors.

5. Tiered Hanging Pots and Vines

You can use trailing plants or different flowers in hanging pots to suit the season. Fast growing vines are also excellent fillers that can be planted in pots to create shade and add more privacy to your deck. The vines can be guided to grow up a wire and the flower pots can be attached in rows up to the porch cover.

6. Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing not only helps to protect your privacy but also allows in air and light. It is one of the most eco-friendly types of fencing you can use to provide cover for your deck. You can install it at any height of your preference. Furthermore, bamboo is preferred by most homeowners because it is weather-resistant and very durable. A tropical-themed balcony will blend well with such fencing.

7. Arrange a Flower Curtain

Flowers not only work to increase your privacy but also help reduce pollution. Furthermore, they make your deck look beautiful. Although flowers can make a great addition to your home privacy, there are a few factors you need to consider. If you are not used to flowers, you are more likely to forget about watering them. Since they need a high watering frequency, you can avoid plants that are more complicated. People who live in very hot climate need to plant flowers that are weather resistant. They also need proper care to ensure that they look pretty in your backyard.

8. Beaded Curtains

Another creative way to create some little privacy on your deck is by using beaded curtains. You can order custom-made beaded curtains that fit your space or make them yourself if you have the skill. Although they don’t provide full privacy, they hide the space partially from onlookers while giving a stylish appearance to your deck.

There are very many ways on how to enhance your deck’s privacy. Whatever the choice you make, it is important to consider the overall appearance of the space including the type of shade or cover provided. Most homeowners would want to create a private retreat without compromising the beauty of their landscape or yard. If you choose to go with flowers, then you need to select the right choice based on the climate in your area and your ability to provide care. All these techniques can provide ideal shade and privacy if they are installed in the right manner.