How Does Deck Resurfacing Actually Work? -

Your deck has provided an ideal venue for all of your summer relaxing and socializing. From grilling with your family, providing a supervised play place for kids, or entertaining guests, your deck has seen it all. It’s inevitable that after so many years years, your deck will look a little (sometimes a lot) worse for wear.

There are a number of options for giving a facelift to a weathered outdoor deck. While a newish deck can be spruced up with a little sanding and refinishing, an older deck might not be structurally sound and will need to be replaced altogether. And what about decks that are somewhere in the middle? In these cases, deck resurfacing is a great option.

What is deck resurfacing?

Deck resurfacing entails replacing the exterior floor boards and hand rails of your current deck, while leaving the foundational structure intact. Since the exterior boards come in contact with the natural elements and the wear and tear of daily use much more than the underlying structure, they’re likely to need replacing more often. Resurfacing can be a great option because it is more cost effective than replacing an entire deck, while still giving the look of a brand new structure. So just how does deck resurfacing work?

Deck resurfacing process

The first step in resurfacing a deck is to assess the soundness of the underlying deck structure, checking the joist spacing and quality of the wood. It’s imperative to solicit expert advice for this step in order to determine if your deck structure is still sound. Not only is resurfacing a deck whose frame is unstable dangerous, but you’ll essentially be throwing away your money attaching brand new boards to a foundation that doesn’t have much life left.

Once an expert has deemed your deck a good candidate for resurfacing, they’ll remove the old floorboards, railings, and stairs, leaving the foundation and frame in place. With your deck stripped down to the bare bones, your contractor will ensure that joists are level with one another so that new boards lie evenly on the existing frame. Occasionally, joists may have warped with time and moisture and will need to be shaved or replaced to ensure an even foundation.

Finally, your deck resurfacing specialist will be ready to lay the new floorboards and attach railings. While in most cases you can use any wood or composite boards on your existing frame, it’s best to check with your specialist to ensure that the design and material you have in mind is compatible.

Finding a Qualified Deck Resurfacing Company

If you think your deck might be in need of resurfacing, check with a specialist to make sure. A deck resurfacing specialist will be able to check the structure and frame of your deck to confirm that it is in stable condition and is worth keeping. A resurfacing company will also be able to recommend the best board replacements for your space and lifestyle, and will be able to complete the job leaving your deck looking like new, ready for years more of outdoor enjoyment.

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