The Biggest Outdoor Deck Trends for 2018 -

As we come up on another new year, homeowners are talking about ways to refine and improve their home improvement plans. Outdoor decking is one of those things many homeowners are considering, and they want to know what’s happening in the industry. It’s no longer necessary to settle for an ordinary or “boring” outdoor deck. The number of options, designs and amenities has multiplied greatly in recent years, and trends are always changing. How does 2018 look for outdoor decks — and what trends in particular will people be paying attention to?

A blend of old and new

One trend that’s been gaining steam with outdoor deck owners is a contrast between stressed or aged wood and modern accents of stone and metal. Done well, this contrast creates an attractive look that contains elements of age and wear, as well as elements of sleek modernity. This has been showing up in kitchens and other interior spaces quite a bit lately, and has also been working its way into outdoor decks. Look for a lot more deck owners to experiment with this combination of materials in 2018.

The good news is that homeowners can achieve this look without actually using old or expensive hardwood. New composite materials that have a “stressed” or even “driftwood” appearance are available from several manufacturers, and can give people both the look and durability they want.

Moving from back to front

Outdoor decks have traditionally been seen as a “backyard” thing, and this will of course continue. But more homeowners are beginning to see value in deck or porch installations in the front of their homes in order to increase curb appeal, create new space for entertaining and relaxing, and add new decorative accents.

Smarter use of space

Just as staircases, beds and other areas within the home are being used more and more to create clever storage areas, homeowners in 2018 will look to create storage and/or living space beneath outdoor decks. This kind of storage can, of course, be problematic during winter months. But it’s always useful to create multiple uses for any home renovation or addition, including an outdoor deck.

Less building, more resurfacing

As more homeowners focus on doing more with less, deck resurfacing will continue to surge in popularity throughout 2018. Not every deck is a suitable candidate for resurfacing — the underlying frame of the structure has to be in sound condition, and signed off by an outdoor decking expert. But for those homeowners who have aging decks with a sturdy frame, resurfacing promises a brand new appearance and extended lifespan for the deck — all at a fraction of the cost of a new outdoor deck construction.

Making the most of your outdoor deck plans

Whether you’re thinking about an all-new deck or a quality resurfacing project, it’s important to find a contractor who will provide objective advice and keep your best interests in mind. Look for a contractor with strong ratings from past clients, clear communication skills, and written guarantees that protect your investment. 2018 could be the year your dream deck becomes a reality!

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