The Top 4 Complaints Against Deck Builders

Have you ever lodged a complaint against a home renovation contractor? If you’re lucky, the answer to this question is ‘no’ – but let’s be honest, not everyone is that lucky. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of new complaints being made every day – whether it’s about service, workmanship, or any other aspect of the customer journey. Even the best contractors will receive a complaint from time to time – the difference is that reputable home renovators will do what it takes to address the complaint and make it right.

The same goes for deck builders. With the summer months in full swing, there are lot of backyard decks being built and resurfaced across the country. People want to take full advantage of the warm weather. They want all of the great benefits of a backyard deck, including the ability to entertain friends, do yoga or other exercise routines, or just relax under the stars with a glass of wine. There are endless uses for backyard decks, which means there are a lot of people hiring contractors to build them – which means, of course, that there are a lot of different contractors with different levels of experience and integrity. Here are four of the most common complaints that arise against them.

1. There is a problem with the workmanship

When backyard decks are built or resurfaced using sub-standard materials, or with shoddy workmanship, the effects will soon be visible. Boards may begin to come loose within a few months, or the wood/composite begins to warp or change color. Make sure you and your contractor are in agreement about the materials that will be used, and make sure your contractor has a strong reputation for quality workmanship.

2. The fee structures were unclear

Nobody wants to be hit with unexpected fees when the bill arrives – this can lead to a whole lot of anger and frustration, which isn’t good for anyone. Make sure you contractor gives it to you straight when it comes to the costs, and follows through as promised.

3. The job took too long

People don’t want to wait longer than advertised for a deck-building project to be completed, especially during the warm summer months. A standout contractor knows how to manage time and projects so that nobody is waiting around long. Less reputable contractors have scheduling problems routinely, and their customers let them know about it.

4. The service was horrible

Sometimes the service aspect of the deck building experience just isn’t as good as it should be, whether the workers are rude and inconsiderate, or whether the customer finds it impossible to get the contractor on the phone for information about the project. Either way, there’s no reason to put up with bad service from a deck builder – there are plenty of more reputable contractors around.

Avoiding common complaints against deck builders

It’s nice to know that if something goes wrong with your deck building process, you always have the opportunity to leave a complaint on popular review channels like Facebook, Yelp or Google. But let’s face it – nobody wants to be in this position. We’d rather have a great deck building experience, from the first time we make contact to the finished product. To do this, we need to research deck builders carefully before we choose one. The more reputable and qualified builders will always deliver a great result – and if something goes wrong, they’ll make it right.