3 Questions to Ask Your Deck Resurfacing Specialist Before You Sign

A freshly resurfaced deck can make a huge difference in terms of your property’s look and feel. Obviously, there are plenty of practical considerations as well. A resurfaced deck effectively beautifies the deck, and renews its practical uses. Suddenly you have a great space to entertain, relax, exercise, or just step outside for a breath of fresh air at night. All of this comes at a much lower cost than building a brand new deck.

But before you rush into anything, consider asking your contractor three important questions before you sign any agreement.

1. How long have you been doing this?

Deck resurfacing hasn’t been around all that long, and has become much more diverse and popular with the advent of composite decking materials. However, most reputable deck resurfacing companies will have years of experience in the field. In many cases, they were experts in the construction and repair of backyard decks long before composite materials became so popular. This means they have a greater amount of knowledge about the industry in general, and more experience in working with various different materials and processes to achieve optimal results.

2. Is my deck safe for resurfacing?

As a matter of course, any reputable deck resurfacing specialist will make a detailed inspection of your backyard deck. This has to be done in order to determine whether the structural integrity is sufficient for the deck to be safely resurfaced. If the frame and structure of the deck is in poor shape, your contractor might recommend certain repairs in order to address weaknesses. However, in many cases, the deck is simply too old or structurally weak to be seriously considered for deck resurfacing. If your contractor says nothing about this assessment process, and simply agrees to surface your deck without conducting a safety inspection, you should probably look for a more reputable and qualified company.

3. How much will it cost?

The answer to this question will depend on a few different things. First of all, the surface area of your deck matters. A sprawling deck with multiple tiers and built-in amenities will obviously cost more to resurface than a simple deck design. Another factor is the materials you use. Composite costs more than most types of natural wood, but they last a lot longer, so the long-term value is generally higher. The main reason to ask your contractor how much it’s going to cost is to make sure that their fee structures are rock solid and easy to understand. Companies who try and mislead people in terms of cost, or constantly try to upsell people and ignore their budget concerns, should be avoided.

Ask the right questions, get the right answers!

Unfortunately, there are a few deck contractors out there who have given people a raw deal in terms of deck resurfacing. All you have to do is start reading client reviews on popular review channels, and you’ll start to see which companies are worth talking to and which ones aren’t. But you seek the services of a qualified and reputable deck resurfacing company, you can expect stellar results with an ironclad guarantee.