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Pergolas can make a beautiful addition to any yard, patio, or deck. The look of a pergola adds an element of class that immediately draws attention. It’s long history of royalty gives it an air of luxuriousness. In addition, pergolas can provide shelter and shade from the sun.

DECK GUARDIAN is a pergola builder that provides pergola design and construction services. Our team of professionals is capable of building the best pergola to match your existing yard, deck, or patio. We can take into account your tastes and preferences to design your perfect pergola.

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What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a structure supported by three or more posts with decorative beams going across the top. The beams are excellent for creating shade and dispersing the brightness of the sun. Pergolas are often used for growing vines and other plants that can climb and wrap around them, creating a decorative yet natural look. The beams themselves can be ornamental as well, and are often sculpted with intricate patterns and designs. Pergolas can be built at any height – in fact, you can build multiple pergolas at different heights to create a tiered effect.

Benefits of Pergolas

Having a pergola offers numerous benefits, some that other outdoor structures may not provide.


Classic Appearance.
Pergolas date back to centuries ago, and have always been associated with luxury. Adding a pergola to your yard gives it a unique, aristocratic feel that your neighbors will be envious of.
Pergolas provide an element of shade that can keep you cool in the summer months. Misters can also be attached to provide extra cooling functionality.
Decoration Opportunity.
In addition to their natural beauty, pergolas can be used for decorating during the holidays. Hanging Christmas lights and decorations is easy.
Better Air Quality.
If you choose to grow plants around your pergola, it will improve the air quality of the surrounding area.

If you want to add a sense of luxury and astounding beauty to your property, a pergola is the perfect way. Whether you just want a plain white pergola, with understated beams and subtle detail, or an elaborate, intricately decorated structure, we at DECK GUARDIAN can suit your needs. Contact us today for more information.

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